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type AccountFees

type AccountFees struct {
	Withdraw struct {
		BTC float64 `json:"BTC,string"`
		LTC float64 `json:"LTC,string"`
		ETH float64 `json:"ETH,string"`
		ETC float64 `json:"ETC,string"`
		ZEC float64 `json:"ZEC,string"`
		XMR float64 `json:"XMR,string"`
		DSH float64 `json:"DSH,string"`
		XRP float64 `json:"XRP,string"`
		IOT float64 `json:"IOT"`
		EOS float64 `json:"EOS,string"`
		SAN float64 `json:"SAN,string"`
		OMG float64 `json:"OMG,string"`
		BCH float64 `json:"BCH,string"`
	} `json:"withdraw"`

AccountFees stores withdrawal account fee data from Bitfinex

type AccountInfo

type AccountInfo struct {
	MakerFees string `json:"maker_fees"`
	TakerFees string `json:"taker_fees"`
	Fees      []struct {
		Pairs     string `json:"pairs"`
		MakerFees string `json:"maker_fees"`
		TakerFees string `json:"taker_fees"`
	} `json:"fees"`

AccountInfo general account information with fees

type AccountSummary

type AccountSummary struct {
	TradeVolumePer30D []Currency `json:"trade_vol_30d"`
	FundingProfit30D  []Currency `json:"funding_profit_30d"`
	MakerFee          float64    `json:"maker_fee"`
	TakerFee          float64    `json:"taker_fee"`

AccountSummary holds account summary data

type Balance

type Balance struct {
	Type      string  `json:"type"`
	Currency  string  `json:"currency"`
	Amount    float64 `json:"amount,string"`
	Available float64 `json:"available,string"`

Balance holds current balance data

type BalanceHistory

type BalanceHistory struct {
	Currency    string  `json:"currency"`
	Amount      float64 `json:"amount,string"`
	Balance     float64 `json:"balance,string"`
	Description string  `json:"description"`
	Timestamp   string  `json:"timestamp"`

BalanceHistory holds balance history information

type Bitfinex

type Bitfinex struct {
	WebsocketConn         *websocket.Conn
	WebsocketSubdChannels map[int]WebsocketChanInfo

Bitfinex is the overarching type across the bitfinex package Notes: Bitfinex has added a rate limit to the number of REST requests. Rate limit policy can vary in a range of 10 to 90 requests per minute depending on some factors (e.g. servers load, endpoint, etc.).

func (*Bitfinex) CancelAllOrders

func (b *Bitfinex) CancelAllOrders() (string, error)

CancelAllOrders cancels all active and open orders

func (*Bitfinex) CancelMultipleOrders

func (b *Bitfinex) CancelMultipleOrders(OrderIDs []int64) (string, error)

CancelMultipleOrders cancels multiple orders

func (*Bitfinex) CancelOffer

func (b *Bitfinex) CancelOffer(OfferID int64) (Offer, error)

CancelOffer cancels offer by offerID

func (*Bitfinex) CancelOrder

func (b *Bitfinex) CancelOrder(OrderID int64) (Order, error)

CancelOrder cancels a single order

func (*Bitfinex) ClaimPosition

func (b *Bitfinex) ClaimPosition(PositionID int) (Position, error)

ClaimPosition allows positions to be claimed

func (*Bitfinex) CloseMarginFunding

func (b *Bitfinex) CloseMarginFunding(SwapID int64) (Offer, error)

CloseMarginFunding closes an unused or used taken fund

func (*Bitfinex) GetAccountBalance

func (b *Bitfinex) GetAccountBalance() ([]Balance, error)

GetAccountBalance returns full wallet balance information

func (*Bitfinex) GetAccountFees

func (b *Bitfinex) GetAccountFees() (AccountFees, error)


func (*Bitfinex) GetAccountInfo

func (b *Bitfinex) GetAccountInfo() ([]AccountInfo, error)

GetAccountInfo returns information about your account incl. trading fees

func (*Bitfinex) GetAccountSummary

func (b *Bitfinex) GetAccountSummary() (AccountSummary, error)

GetAccountSummary returns a 30-day summary of your trading volume and return on margin funding

func (*Bitfinex) GetActiveCredits

func (b *Bitfinex) GetActiveCredits() ([]Offer, error)

GetActiveCredits returns all available credits

func (*Bitfinex) GetActiveMarginFunding

func (b *Bitfinex) GetActiveMarginFunding() ([]MarginFunds, error)

GetActiveMarginFunding returns an array of active margin funds

func (*Bitfinex) GetActiveOffers

func (b *Bitfinex) GetActiveOffers() ([]Offer, error)

GetActiveOffers returns all current active offers

func (*Bitfinex) GetActiveOrders

func (b *Bitfinex) GetActiveOrders() ([]Order, error)

GetActiveOrders returns all active orders and statuses

func (*Bitfinex) GetActivePositions

func (b *Bitfinex) GetActivePositions() ([]Position, error)

GetActivePositions returns an array of active positions

func (*Bitfinex) GetBalanceHistory

func (b *Bitfinex) GetBalanceHistory(symbol string, timeSince, timeUntil time.Time, limit int, wallet string) ([]BalanceHistory, error)

GetBalanceHistory returns balance history for the account

func (*Bitfinex) GetExchangeAccountInfo

func (b *Bitfinex) GetExchangeAccountInfo() (exchange.AccountInfo, error)

GetExchangeAccountInfo retrieves balances for all enabled currencies on the Bitfinex exchange

func (*Bitfinex) GetFundingBook

func (b *Bitfinex) GetFundingBook(symbol string) (FundingBook, error)

GetFundingBook the entire margin funding book for both bids and asks sides per currency string symbol - example "USD"

func (*Bitfinex) GetKeyPermissions

func (b *Bitfinex) GetKeyPermissions() (KeyPermissions, error)

GetKeyPermissions checks the permissions of the key being used to generate this request.

func (*Bitfinex) GetLendbook

func (b *Bitfinex) GetLendbook(symbol string, values url.Values) (Lendbook, error)

GetLendbook returns a list of the most recent funding data for the given currency: total amount provided and Flash Return Rate (in % by 365 days) over time Symbol - example "USD"

func (*Bitfinex) GetLends

func (b *Bitfinex) GetLends(symbol string, values url.Values) ([]Lends, error)

GetLends returns a list of the most recent funding data for the given currency: total amount provided and Flash Return Rate (in % by 365 days) over time Symbol - example "USD"

func (*Bitfinex) GetMarginInfo

func (b *Bitfinex) GetMarginInfo() ([]MarginInfo, error)

GetMarginInfo shows your trading wallet information for margin trading

func (*Bitfinex) GetMarginTotalTakenFunds

func (b *Bitfinex) GetMarginTotalTakenFunds() ([]MarginTotalTakenFunds, error)

GetMarginTotalTakenFunds returns an array of active funding used in a position

func (*Bitfinex) GetMovementHistory

func (b *Bitfinex) GetMovementHistory(symbol, method string, timeSince, timeUntil time.Time, limit int) ([]MovementHistory, error)

GetMovementHistory returns an array of past deposits and withdrawals

func (*Bitfinex) GetOfferStatus

func (b *Bitfinex) GetOfferStatus(OfferID int64) (Offer, error)

GetOfferStatus checks offer status whether it has been cancelled, execute or is still active

func (*Bitfinex) GetOrderStatus

func (b *Bitfinex) GetOrderStatus(OrderID int64) (Order, error)

GetOrderStatus returns order status information

func (*Bitfinex) GetOrderbook

func (b *Bitfinex) GetOrderbook(currencyPair string, values url.Values) (Orderbook, error)

GetOrderbook retieves the orderbook bid and ask price points for a currency pair - By default the response will return 25 bid and 25 ask price points. CurrencyPair - Example "BTCUSD" Values can contain limit amounts for both the asks and bids - Example "limit_bids" = 1000

func (*Bitfinex) GetOrderbookEx

func (b *Bitfinex) GetOrderbookEx(p pair.CurrencyPair, assetType string) (orderbook.Base, error)

GetOrderbookEx returns the orderbook for a currency pair

func (*Bitfinex) GetStats

func (b *Bitfinex) GetStats(symbol string) ([]Stat, error)

GetStats returns various statistics about the requested pair

func (*Bitfinex) GetSymbols

func (b *Bitfinex) GetSymbols() ([]string, error)

GetSymbols returns the available currency pairs on the exchange

func (*Bitfinex) GetSymbolsDetails

func (b *Bitfinex) GetSymbolsDetails() ([]SymbolDetails, error)

GetSymbolsDetails a list of valid symbol IDs and the pair details

func (*Bitfinex) GetTicker

func (b *Bitfinex) GetTicker(symbol string, values url.Values) (Ticker, error)

GetTicker returns ticker information

func (*Bitfinex) GetTickerPrice

func (b *Bitfinex) GetTickerPrice(p pair.CurrencyPair, assetType string) (ticker.Price, error)

GetTickerPrice returns the ticker for a currency pair

func (*Bitfinex) GetTradeHistory

func (b *Bitfinex) GetTradeHistory(currencyPair string, timestamp, until time.Time, limit, reverse int) ([]TradeHistory, error)

GetTradeHistory returns past executed trades

func (*Bitfinex) GetTrades

func (b *Bitfinex) GetTrades(currencyPair string, values url.Values) ([]TradeStructure, error)

GetTrades returns a list of the most recent trades for the given curencyPair By default the response will return 100 trades CurrencyPair - Example "BTCUSD" Values can contain limit amounts for the number of trades returned - Example "limit_trades" = 1000

func (*Bitfinex) GetUnusedMarginFunds

func (b *Bitfinex) GetUnusedMarginFunds() ([]MarginFunds, error)

GetUnusedMarginFunds returns an array of funding borrowed but not currently used

func (*Bitfinex) NewDeposit

func (b *Bitfinex) NewDeposit(method, walletName string, renew int) (DepositResponse, error)

NewDeposit returns a new deposit address Method - Example methods accepted: “bitcoin”, “litecoin”, “ethereum”, “tethers", "ethereumc", "zcash", "monero", "iota", "bcash" WalletName - accepted: “trading”, “exchange”, “deposit” renew - Default is 0. If set to 1, will return a new unused deposit address

func (*Bitfinex) NewOffer

func (b *Bitfinex) NewOffer(symbol string, amount, rate float64, period int64, direction string) (Offer, error)

NewOffer submits a new offer

func (*Bitfinex) NewOrder

func (b *Bitfinex) NewOrder(currencyPair string, amount float64, price float64, buy bool, Type string, hidden bool) (Order, error)

NewOrder submits a new order and returns a order information Major Upgrade needed on this function to include all query params

func (*Bitfinex) NewOrderMulti

func (b *Bitfinex) NewOrderMulti(orders []PlaceOrder) (OrderMultiResponse, error)

NewOrderMulti allows several new orders at once

func (*Bitfinex) ReplaceOrder

func (b *Bitfinex) ReplaceOrder(OrderID int64, Symbol string, Amount float64, Price float64, Buy bool, Type string, Hidden bool) (Order, error)

ReplaceOrder replaces an older order with a new order

func (*Bitfinex) Run

func (b *Bitfinex) Run()

Run implements the Bitfinex wrapper

func (*Bitfinex) SendAuthenticatedHTTPRequest

func (b *Bitfinex) SendAuthenticatedHTTPRequest(method, path string, params map[string]interface{}, result interface{}) error

SendAuthenticatedHTTPRequest sends an autheticated http request and json unmarshals result to a supplied variable

func (*Bitfinex) SetDefaults

func (b *Bitfinex) SetDefaults()

SetDefaults sets the basic defaults for bitfinex

func (*Bitfinex) Setup

func (b *Bitfinex) Setup(exch config.ExchangeConfig)

Setup takes in the supplied exchange configuration details and sets params

func (*Bitfinex) Start

func (b *Bitfinex) Start()

Start starts the Bitfinex go routine

func (*Bitfinex) UpdateOrderbook

func (b *Bitfinex) UpdateOrderbook(p pair.CurrencyPair, assetType string) (orderbook.Base, error)

UpdateOrderbook updates and returns the orderbook for a currency pair

func (*Bitfinex) UpdateTicker

func (b *Bitfinex) UpdateTicker(p pair.CurrencyPair, assetType string) (ticker.Price, error)

UpdateTicker updates and returns the ticker for a currency pair

func (*Bitfinex) WalletTransfer

func (b *Bitfinex) WalletTransfer(amount float64, currency, walletFrom, walletTo string) ([]WalletTransfer, error)

WalletTransfer move available balances between your wallets Amount - Amount to move Currency - example "BTC" WalletFrom - example "exchange" WalletTo - example "deposit"

func (*Bitfinex) WebsocketAddSubscriptionChannel

func (b *Bitfinex) WebsocketAddSubscriptionChannel(chanID int, channel, pair string)

WebsocketAddSubscriptionChannel adds a new subscription channel to the WebsocketSubdChannels map in bitfinex.go (Bitfinex struct)

func (*Bitfinex) WebsocketClient

func (b *Bitfinex) WebsocketClient()

WebsocketClient makes a connection with the websocket server

func (*Bitfinex) WebsocketPingHandler

func (b *Bitfinex) WebsocketPingHandler() error

WebsocketPingHandler sends a ping request to the websocket server

func (*Bitfinex) WebsocketSend

func (b *Bitfinex) WebsocketSend(data interface{}) error

WebsocketSend sends data to the websocket server

func (*Bitfinex) WebsocketSendAuth

func (b *Bitfinex) WebsocketSendAuth() error

WebsocketSendAuth sends a autheticated event payload

func (*Bitfinex) WebsocketSendUnauth

func (b *Bitfinex) WebsocketSendUnauth() error

WebsocketSendUnauth sends an unauthenticated payload

func (*Bitfinex) WebsocketSubscribe

func (b *Bitfinex) WebsocketSubscribe(channel string, params map[string]string) error

WebsocketSubscribe subscribes to the websocket channel

func (*Bitfinex) Withdrawal

func (b *Bitfinex) Withdrawal(withdrawType, wallet, address string, amount float64) ([]Withdrawal, error)

Withdrawal requests a withdrawal from one of your wallets. Major Upgrade needed on this function to include all query params

type Book

type Book struct {
	Price           float64 `json:"price,string"`
	Rate            float64 `json:"rate,string"`
	Amount          float64 `json:"amount,string"`
	Period          int     `json:"period"`
	Timestamp       string  `json:"timestamp"`
	FlashReturnRate string  `json:"frr"`

Book is a generalised sub-type to hold book information

type Currency

type Currency struct {
	Currency string  `json:"curr"`
	Volume   float64 `json:"vol,string"`
	Amount   float64 `json:"amount,string"`

Currency is a sub-type for AccountSummary data

type DepositResponse

type DepositResponse struct {
	Result   string `json:"string"`
	Method   string `json:"method"`
	Currency string `json:"currency"`
	Address  string `json:"address"`

DepositResponse holds deposit address information

type ErrorCapture

type ErrorCapture struct {
	Message string `json:"message"`

ErrorCapture is a simple type for returned errors from Bitfinex

type Fee

type Fee struct {
	Currency  string
	TakerFees float64
	MakerFees float64

Fee holds fee data for a specified currency

type FundingBook

type FundingBook struct {
	Bids []Book `json:"bids"`
	Asks []Book `json:"asks"`

FundingBook holds current the full margin funding book

type GenericResponse

type GenericResponse struct {
	Result string `json:"result"`

GenericResponse holds the result for a generic response

type KeyPermissions

type KeyPermissions struct {
	Account   Permission `json:"account"`
	History   Permission `json:"history"`
	Orders    Permission `json:"orders"`
	Positions Permission `json:"positions"`
	Funding   Permission `json:"funding"`
	Wallets   Permission `json:"wallets"`
	Withdraw  Permission `json:"withdraw"`

KeyPermissions holds the key permissions for the API key set

type Lendbook

type Lendbook struct {
	Bids []Book `json:"bids"`
	Asks []Book `json:"asks"`

Lendbook holds most recent funding data for a relevant currency

type Lends

type Lends struct {
	Rate       float64 `json:"rate,string"`
	AmountLent float64 `json:"amount_lent,string"`
	AmountUsed float64 `json:"amount_used,string"`
	Timestamp  int64   `json:"timestamp"`

Lends holds the lent information by currency

type MarginData

type MarginData struct {
	MarginBalance     float64        `json:"margin_balance,string"`
	TradableBalance   float64        `json:"tradable_balance,string"`
	UnrealizedPL      int64          `json:"unrealized_pl"`
	UnrealizedSwap    int64          `json:"unrealized_swap"`
	NetValue          float64        `json:"net_value,string"`
	RequiredMargin    int64          `json:"required_margin"`
	Leverage          float64        `json:"leverage,string"`
	MarginRequirement float64        `json:"margin_requirement,string"`
	MarginLimits      []MarginLimits `json:"margin_limits"`

MarginData holds wallet information for margin trading

type MarginFunds

type MarginFunds struct {
	ID         int64   `json:"id"`
	PositionID int64   `json:"position_id"`
	Currency   string  `json:"currency"`
	Rate       float64 `json:"rate,string"`
	Period     int     `json:"period"`
	Amount     float64 `json:"amount,string"`
	Timestamp  string  `json:"timestamp"`
	AutoClose  bool    `json:"auto_close"`

MarginFunds holds active funding information used in a margin position

type MarginInfo

type MarginInfo struct {
	Info    MarginData
	Message string `json:"message"`

MarginInfo holds metadata for margin information from bitfinex

type MarginLimits

type MarginLimits struct {
	OnPair            string  `json:"on_pair"`
	InitialMargin     float64 `json:"initial_margin,string"`
	MarginRequirement float64 `json:"margin_requirement,string"`
	TradableBalance   float64 `json:"tradable_balance,string"`

MarginLimits holds limit data per pair

type MarginTotalTakenFunds

type MarginTotalTakenFunds struct {
	PositionPair string  `json:"position_pair"`
	TotalSwaps   float64 `json:"total_swaps,string"`

MarginTotalTakenFunds holds position funding including sum of active backing as total swaps

type MovementHistory

type MovementHistory struct {
	ID               int64   `json:"id"`
	TxID             int64   `json:"txid"`
	Currency         string  `json:"currency"`
	Method           string  `json:"method"`
	Type             string  `json:"withdrawal"`
	Amount           float64 `json:"amount,string"`
	Description      string  `json:"description"`
	Address          string  `json:"address"`
	Status           string  `json:"status"`
	Timestamp        string  `json:"timestamp"`
	TimestampCreated string  `json:"timestamp_created"`
	Fee              float64 `json:"fee"`

MovementHistory holds deposit and withdrawal history data

type Offer

type Offer struct {
	ID              int64   `json:"id"`
	Currency        string  `json:"currency"`
	Rate            float64 `json:"rate,string"`
	Period          int64   `json:"period"`
	Direction       string  `json:"direction"`
	Timestamp       string  `json:"timestamp"`
	Type            string  `json:"type"`
	IsLive          bool    `json:"is_live"`
	IsCancelled     bool    `json:"is_cancelled"`
	OriginalAmount  float64 `json:"original_amount,string"`
	RemainingAmount float64 `json:"remaining_amount,string"`
	ExecutedAmount  float64 `json:"executed_amount,string"`

Offer holds offer information

type Order

type Order struct {
	ID                    int64   `json:"id"`
	Symbol                string  `json:"symbol"`
	Exchange              string  `json:"exchange"`
	Price                 float64 `json:"price,string"`
	AverageExecutionPrice float64 `json:"avg_execution_price,string"`
	Side                  string  `json:"side"`
	Type                  string  `json:"type"`
	Timestamp             string  `json:"timestamp"`
	IsLive                bool    `json:"is_live"`
	IsCancelled           bool    `json:"is_cancelled"`
	IsHidden              bool    `json:"is_hidden"`
	WasForced             bool    `json:"was_forced"`
	OriginalAmount        float64 `json:"original_amount,string"`
	RemainingAmount       float64 `json:"remaining_amount,string"`
	ExecutedAmount        float64 `json:"executed_amount,string"`
	OrderID               int64   `json:"order_id"`

Order holds order information when an order is in the market

type OrderMultiResponse

type OrderMultiResponse struct {
	Orders []Order `json:"order_ids"`
	Status string  `json:"status"`

OrderMultiResponse holds order information on the executed orders

type Orderbook

type Orderbook struct {
	Bids []Book
	Asks []Book

Orderbook holds orderbook information from bid and ask sides

type Permission

type Permission struct {
	Read  bool `json:"read"`
	Write bool `json:"write"`

Permission sub-type for KeyPermissions

type PlaceOrder

type PlaceOrder struct {
	Symbol   string  `json:"symbol"`
	Amount   float64 `json:"amount,string"`
	Price    float64 `json:"price,string"`
	Exchange string  `json:"exchange"`
	Side     string  `json:"side"`
	Type     string  `json:"type"`

PlaceOrder is used for order placement

type Position

type Position struct {
	ID        int64   `json:"id"`
	Symbol    string  `json:"string"`
	Status    string  `json:"active"`
	Base      float64 `json:"base,string"`
	Amount    float64 `json:"amount,string"`
	Timestamp string  `json:"timestamp"`
	Swap      float64 `json:"swap,string"`
	PL        float64 `json:"pl,string"`

Position holds position information

type Stat

type Stat struct {
	Period int64   `json:"period"`
	Volume float64 `json:"volume,string"`

Stat holds individual statistics from exchange

type SymbolDetails

type SymbolDetails struct {
	Pair             string  `json:"pair"`
	PricePrecision   int     `json:"price_precision"`
	InitialMargin    float64 `json:"initial_margin,string"`
	MinimumMargin    float64 `json:"minimum_margin,string"`
	MaximumOrderSize float64 `json:"maximum_order_size,string"`
	MinimumOrderSize float64 `json:"minimum_order_size,string"`
	Expiration       string  `json:"expiration"`

SymbolDetails holds currency pair information

type Ticker

type Ticker struct {
	Mid       float64 `json:"mid,string"`
	Bid       float64 `json:"bid,string"`
	Ask       float64 `json:"ask,string"`
	Last      float64 `json:"last_price,string"`
	Low       float64 `json:"low,string"`
	High      float64 `json:"high,string"`
	Volume    float64 `json:"volume,string"`
	Timestamp string  `json:"timestamp"`

Ticker holds basic ticker information from the exchange

type TradeHistory

type TradeHistory struct {
	Price       float64 `json:"price,string"`
	Amount      float64 `json:"amount,string"`
	Timestamp   string  `json:"timestamp"`
	Exchange    string  `json:"exchange"`
	Type        string  `json:"type"`
	FeeCurrency string  `json:"fee_currency"`
	FeeAmount   float64 `json:"fee_amount,string"`
	TID         int64   `json:"tid"`
	OrderID     int64   `json:"order_id"`

TradeHistory holds trade history data

type TradeStructure

type TradeStructure struct {
	Timestamp int64   `json:"timestamp"`
	Tid       int64   `json:"tid"`
	Price     float64 `json:"price,string"`
	Amount    float64 `json:"amount,string"`
	Exchange  string  `json:"exchange"`
	Type      string  `json:"sell"`

TradeStructure holds executed trade information

type WalletTransfer

type WalletTransfer struct {
	Status  string `json:"status"`
	Message string `json:"message"`

WalletTransfer holds status of wallet to wallet content transfer on exchange

type WebsocketBook

type WebsocketBook struct {
	Price  float64
	Count  int
	Amount float64

WebsocketBook holds booking information

type WebsocketChanInfo

type WebsocketChanInfo struct {
	Channel string
	Pair    string

WebsocketChanInfo holds websocket channel information

type WebsocketOrder

type WebsocketOrder struct {
	OrderID    int64
	Pair       string
	Amount     float64
	OrigAmount float64
	OrderType  string
	Status     string
	Price      float64
	PriceAvg   float64
	Timestamp  string
	Notify     int

WebsocketOrder holds order data

type WebsocketPosition

type WebsocketPosition struct {
	Pair              string
	Status            string
	Amount            float64
	Price             float64
	MarginFunding     float64
	MarginFundingType int

WebsocketPosition holds position information

type WebsocketTicker

type WebsocketTicker struct {
	Bid             float64
	BidSize         float64
	Ask             float64
	AskSize         float64
	DailyChange     float64
	DialyChangePerc float64
	LastPrice       float64
	Volume          float64

WebsocketTicker holds ticker information

type WebsocketTrade

type WebsocketTrade struct {
	ID        int64
	Timestamp int64
	Price     float64
	Amount    float64

WebsocketTrade holds trade information

type WebsocketTradeExecuted

type WebsocketTradeExecuted struct {
	TradeID        int64
	Pair           string
	Timestamp      int64
	OrderID        int64
	AmountExecuted float64
	PriceExecuted  float64

WebsocketTradeExecuted holds executed trade data

type WebsocketWallet

type WebsocketWallet struct {
	Name              string
	Currency          string
	Balance           float64
	UnsettledInterest float64

WebsocketWallet holds wallet information

type Withdrawal

type Withdrawal struct {
	Status       string `json:"status"`
	Message      string `json:"message"`
	WithdrawalID int64  `json:"withdrawal_id,string"`

Withdrawal holds withdrawal status information

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