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IMPORTANT NOTICE 7th AUGUST 2021 (pasted from Discord)

@everyone sorry for ping but important

The short version: gord is kil sry

The long version: Its been a super fun 4 months and i wanna say thanks to everyone here for the support, but unfortunately I am not sure I want to continue with development as I don't feel very motivated to work on it anymore. The code quality is just plain shit, I have bugs coming out of my ears, and tbh I have more pressing things to focus on - I have GCSE exams next year which is kinda important. I code for fun or making little tools for myself mostly, so this isn't productive for me right now, and I am officially discontinuing Gord.

I'd like to clarify that I DO NOT think that anyone is a problem - you're all great people as far as I've seen, but I have ended up feeling as if I owe something and it's stress I don't need. I talked over this a bit with the original dev of Cordless, and they brought up some good points too.

If anyone is interested in taking over the project, DM me I guess, else I'll just leave the project for a while then archive it. This server will remain as is, except #suggestions and #broken-shit which will be archived.

Again, thank you everyone for the past 4 months, and I hope none of you are annoyed at me for this and we can still be friends.


A maintained fork of Cordless with extra features.


Gord is in development and is against Discord's TOS. We are not responsible for any damage.


Gord is a custom Discord client that aims to have a low memory footprint and be aimed at power-users.

The application only uses the official Discord API and doesn't send data to third parties. However, this application is not an official product by Discord Inc.

Demo Screenshot


Using a package manager

Gord is available on multiple package managers (2 and counting).

AUR (Arch Linux)

On Arch Linux, you can install the latest release with gord-bin, or get the latest commit with gord-git.

A good AUR helper is yay, which can be installed manually from the AUR.

yay -S gord-bin
Homebrew (MacOS) (and Linuxbrew)

On MacOS (or on Linux via Linuxbrew), you can use Homebrew to install Gord. Install homebrew with the following (works on mac and linux):

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/install.sh)"

Then install Gord with the following (you MUST add --without-pngpaste on linux):

brew tap yellowsink/gord
# MacOS
brew install gord
# Linux
brew install gord --without-pngpaste
Portage (Gentoo Linux)

Add the swirl repository.

To build and install the latest release:

# emerge --ask gord

Or, to build and install from the latest commit, unmask the 9999 version:

# echo "=net-im/gord-9999 ~amd64" >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords"

Then install:

# emerge --ask =net-im/gord-9999
Using prebuilt binaries

If you don't want to build the application yourself or use some kind of package management system, you can get the latest binaries for the three major systems in the release overview:


Building from source

In order to execute the following commands, you need to install go 1.13 or higher. You can find golang packages at https://golang.org/doc/install. On top of that, you need to have git installed. It can be found at https://git-scm.com/downloads.


Open a command line and execute the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/gord-project/gord
cd gord
go build

This will create an executable file called gord or gord.exe depending on whether you are on Windows or not. Move that file anywhere that your terminal can find it. I recommend adding a bin folder to your user home and adding it to your systems PATH variable. Please search the internet, using your favorite search engine, for how to set an environment variable in XXX in order to update your PATH variable correctly.

For updating, you simply have to delete the folder you downloaded last time and repeat the instructions.


  • X11 users need xclip in order to copy and paste.
  • Wayland users need wl-clipboard in order to copy and paste.
  • Mac OS users need pngpaste in order to copy and paste images.


Logging in works via the UI on first startup of the application.

If you are logging in with a bot token, you have to prepend Bot in front of the token. You also need to enable an intent if you want to view server users, but this is optional.

If you need to find out how to retrieve your token, check the gord wiki.

Currently captcha-code login isn't supported. Thanks for your SHIT-API, Google

Quick overview - Navigation (switching between boxes / containers)

Shortcut Action
Alt + S Sets the focus on the servers (guilds) container
Alt + C Sets the focus on the channels container
Alt + T Sets the focus on the messages container
Alt + M Sets the focus on the messages input field
Alt + U Sets the focus on the users container
Alt + P Opens the direct messages container
Alt + . Toggles the internal console view

Further shortcuts / key-bindings can be found in the manual on the internal console with the command manual.

If any of the default commands don't work for you, open the keyboard shortcut changer via Ctrl + K.

Extending Cordless via the scripting interface

Check the Gord wiki


If you happen to encounter a crash or a bug, please submit a bug report via the projects GitHub issue tracker. Bugs reported via Discord will probably be forgotten or overseen.

For general problems faced by gord users, check out the gord wiki at

If you need help or have questions that you don't want to create an issue for, just join the Gord Discord server: https://discord.gg/e4HnvY28Wq


In order to find answers to common questions, check out the FAQ

This project isn't for you, if

  • You like a physical, fancy GUI with proper mouse support
  • You need to have all of Discord's latest features
  • You need to manage or moderate servers

Similar projects

Here is a list of similar projects:

Hit me up if you have a similar project, and I'll gladly add it to the list.


This project is based off of Cordless by Bios-Marcel


The Go Gopher

There is no documentation for this package.

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Path Synopsis
This package is the Engine implementation for a javascript scripting interface.
This package is the Engine implementation for a javascript scripting interface.

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