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REST ==== This example demonstrates a HTTP REST web service with some fixture data. Follow along the example and patterns.

Also check routes.json for the generated docs from passing the -routes flag

Boot the server: ---------------- $ go run main.go

Client requests: ---------------- $ curl http://localhost:3333/ root.

$ curl http://localhost:3333/articles [{"id":"1","title":"Hi"},{"id":"2","title":"sup"}]

$ curl http://localhost:3333/articles/1 {"id":"1","title":"Hi"}

$ curl -X DELETE http://localhost:3333/articles/1 {"id":"1","title":"Hi"}

$ curl http://localhost:3333/articles/1 "Not Found"

$ curl -X POST -d '{"id":"will-be-omitted","title":"awesomeness"}' http://localhost:3333/articles {"id":"97","title":"awesomeness"}

$ curl http://localhost:3333/articles/97 {"id":"97","title":"awesomeness"}

$ curl http://localhost:3333/articles [{"id":"2","title":"sup"},{"id":"97","title":"awesomeness"}]

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