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const (
	LoginStatusSucc = 1
	LoginStatusFail = 2

Login status


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var EmptyMessage = None{}

EmptyMessage was a shared empty message


This section is empty.


type EnterWorldResponse

type EnterWorldResponse struct {
	ID int64 `json:"id"`

EnterWorldResponse indicates a new tadpole enter current scene

type JoyLoginRequest

type JoyLoginRequest struct {
	Username  string `json:"username"`
	Cipher    string `json:"cipher"`
	Timestamp int    `json:"timestamp"`

JoyLoginRequest represent a login request

type LeaveWorldResponse

type LeaveWorldResponse struct {
	ID int64 `json:"id"`

LeaveWorldResponse indicates tadpole leave current scene

type LoginResponse

type LoginResponse struct {
	Status int    `json:"status"`
	ID     int64  `json:"id"`
	Error  string `json:"error"`

LoginResponse represent a login response

type None

type None struct{}

None represents a message with nothing

type UpdateMessage

type UpdateMessage struct {
	ID       int     `json:"id"`
	X        float32 `json:"x"`
	Y        float32 `json:"y"`
	Name     string  `json:"name"`
	Momentum float32 `json:"momentum"`
	Angle    float32 `json:"angle"`

UpdateMessage contains latest position information of tadpole

type WorldMessage

type WorldMessage struct {
	ID      int64  `json:"id"`
	Message string `json:"message"`

WorldMessage represent a guest message

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