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var CloseTag interface{}
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var Config = struct {
	Indent string


func Element

func Element(tag string, args ...interface{}) view.View

func WriteAttrib

func WriteAttrib(writer io.Writer, name, value interface{})


type View

type View struct {
	Content interface{}
	Header  bool
	Indent  string

func NewView

func NewView(content interface{}) *View

func NewViewIndent

func NewViewIndent(content interface{}, indent string) *View

func (*View) Render

func (v *View) Render(ctx *view.Context) (err error)

type Writer

type Writer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewWriter

func NewWriter(writer io.Writer) *Writer

func (*Writer) Attrib

func (self *Writer) Attrib(name string, value ...interface{}) *Writer

value will be HTML escaped and concaternated

func (*Writer) AttribFlag

func (self *Writer) AttribFlag(name string, flag bool) *Writer

AttribFlag writes a name="name" attribute if flag is true, else nothing will be written.

func (*Writer) AttribIfNotDefault

func (self *Writer) AttribIfNotDefault(name string, value interface{}) *Writer

func (*Writer) CloseTag

func (self *Writer) CloseTag() *Writer

func (*Writer) CloseTagAlways

func (self *Writer) CloseTagAlways() *Writer

Creates an explicit close tag, even if there is no content

func (*Writer) Content

func (self *Writer) Content(s string) *Writer

func (*Writer) EscapeContent

func (self *Writer) EscapeContent(s string) *Writer

func (*Writer) OpenTag

func (self *Writer) OpenTag(tag string) *Writer

func (*Writer) Printf

func (self *Writer) Printf(format string, args ...interface{}) *Writer

func (*Writer) PrintfEscape

func (self *Writer) PrintfEscape(format string, args ...interface{}) *Writer

func (*Writer) Reset

func (self *Writer) Reset()

func (*Writer) Write

func (self *Writer) Write(p []byte) (n int, err error)

implements io.Writer

func (*Writer) WriteXMLHeader

func (self *Writer) WriteXMLHeader() *Writer

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