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Package pdfengines provides a module which gathers modules that implements the gotenberg.PDFEngine interface.



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type PDFEngines

type PDFEngines struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PDFEngines is a module which gathers available gotenberg.PDFEngine modules. The available gotenberg.PDFEngine modules can be either all gotenberg.PDFEngine modules or the modules selected by the user thanks to the "engines" flag.

PDFEngines wraps the gotenberg.PDFEngine modules in an internal struct which also implements gotenberg.PDFEngine. This struct provides a sort of fallback mechanism: if an engine's method returns an error, it calls the same method from another engine.

This module implements the gotenberg.PDFEngineProvider interface.

func (PDFEngines) Descriptor

func (PDFEngines) Descriptor() gotenberg.ModuleDescriptor

Descriptor returns a PDFEngines' module descriptor.

func (PDFEngines) PDFEngine

func (mod PDFEngines) PDFEngine() (gotenberg.PDFEngine, error)

PDFEngine returns a gotenberg.PDFEngine.

func (*PDFEngines) Provision

func (mod *PDFEngines) Provision(ctx *gotenberg.Context) error

Provision gets either all gotenberg.PDFEngine modules or the modules selected by the user thanks to the "engines" flag.

func (PDFEngines) Routes

func (mod PDFEngines) Routes() ([]api.Route, error)

Routes returns the HTTP routes.

func (PDFEngines) SystemMessages added in v7.3.1

func (mod PDFEngines) SystemMessages() []string

SystemMessages returns one message with the selected gotenberg.PDFEngine modules.

func (PDFEngines) Validate

func (mod PDFEngines) Validate() error

Validate validates there is at least one gotenberg.PDFEngine module available. It also validates that selected gotenberg.PDFEngine modules actually exist.

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