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func AppInstance added in v0.3.9

func AppInstance() string

AppInstance 获取应用实例,通常是实例的机器名

func AppMode

func AppMode() string

AppMode 获取应用运行的环境

func AppRegion

func AppRegion() string

AppRegion 获取APP运行的地区

func AppVersion

func AppVersion() string

AppVersion get buildAppVersion

func AppZone

func AppZone() string

AppZone 获取应用运行的可用区

func BuildHost

func BuildHost() string

BuildHost get buildHost

func BuildTime

func BuildTime() string

BuildTime get buildTime

func BuildUser

func BuildUser() string

BuildUser get buildUser

func EgoLogExtraKeys added in v0.5.8

func EgoLogExtraKeys() []string

EgoLogExtraKeys 获取自定义loggerKeys

func EgoLogPath added in v0.3.4

func EgoLogPath() string

EgoLogPath 获取应用日志路径

func EgoTraceIDName added in v0.3.6

func EgoTraceIDName() string

EgoTraceIDName 获取链路名称

func EgoVersion

func EgoVersion() string

EgoVersion get egoVersion

func EnableLoggerAddApp added in v0.3.4

func EnableLoggerAddApp() bool

EnableLoggerAddApp 日志是否记录应用名信息

func GoVersion

func GoVersion() string

GoVersion get go version

func HostName

func HostName() string

HostName get host name

func IsDevelopmentMode

func IsDevelopmentMode() bool

IsDevelopmentMode 判断是否是生产模式

func Name

func Name() string

Name gets application name.

func PrintVersion

func PrintVersion()

PrintVersion print formated version info

func StartTime

func StartTime() string

StartTime get start time


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