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func Close

func Close(c Closer)

Close is a convenience function to close a object that has a Close() method, ignoring any errors Used to satisfy errcheck lint

func MakeSignature added in v0.6.0

func MakeSignature(size int) ([]byte, error)

MakeSignature generates a cryptographically-secure pseudo-random token, based on a given number of random bytes, for signing purposes.

func Wait added in v0.4.1

func Wait(timeout uint, f func(chan<- bool)) bool

Wait takes a check interval and timeout and waits for a function to return `true`. Wait will return `true` on success and `false` on timeout. The passed function, in turn, should pass `true` (or anything, really) to the channel when it's done. Pass `0` as the timeout to run infinitely until completion.


type Closer

type Closer interface {
	Close() error

type KeyLock

type KeyLock struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Allows to lock by string key

func NewKeyLock

func NewKeyLock() *KeyLock

NewKeyLock creates new instance of KeyLock

func (*KeyLock) Lock

func (keyLock *KeyLock) Lock(key string)

Lock blocks goroutine using key specific mutex

func (*KeyLock) Unlock

func (keyLock *KeyLock) Unlock(key string)

Unlock releases key specific mutex


Path Synopsis
Package kube provides helper utilities common for kubernetes
Package kube provides helper utilities common for kubernetes

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