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var ErrWALClosed = fmt.Errorf("WAL storage closed")

ErrWALClosed is an error returned when a WAL operation can't run because the storage has already been closed.


func SubDirectory

func SubDirectory(base string) string

SubDirectory returns the subdirectory within a Storage directory used for the Prometheus WAL.


type Storage

type Storage struct {
	// Embed Queryable/ChunkQueryable for compatibility, but don't actually implement it.
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Storage implements storage.Storage, and just writes to the WAL.

func NewStorage

func NewStorage(logger log.Logger, registerer prometheus.Registerer, path string) (*Storage, error)

NewStorage makes a new Storage.

func (*Storage) Appender

func (w *Storage) Appender(_ context.Context) storage.Appender

Appender returns a new appender against the storage.

func (*Storage) Close

func (w *Storage) Close() error

Close closes the storage and all its underlying resources.

func (*Storage) Directory

func (w *Storage) Directory() string

Directory returns the path where the WAL storage is held.

func (*Storage) StartTime

func (*Storage) StartTime() (int64, error)

StartTime always returns 0, nil. It is implemented for compatibility with Prometheus, but is unused in the agent.

func (*Storage) Truncate

func (w *Storage) Truncate(mint int64) error

Truncate removes all data from the WAL prior to the timestamp specified by mint.

func (*Storage) WriteStalenessMarkers

func (w *Storage) WriteStalenessMarkers(remoteTsFunc func() int64) error

WriteStalenessMarkers appends a staleness sample for all active series.

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