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type PushTarget

type PushTarget struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewPushTarget

func NewPushTarget(logger log.Logger,
	handler api.EntryHandler,
	relabel []*relabel.Config,
	jobName string,
	config *scrapeconfig.PushTargetConfig) (*PushTarget, error)

func (*PushTarget) Details

func (t *PushTarget) Details() interface{}

Details returns target-specific details.

func (*PushTarget) DiscoveredLabels

func (t *PushTarget) DiscoveredLabels() model.LabelSet

DiscoveredLabels returns the set of labels discovered by the PushTarget, which is always nil. Implements Target.

func (*PushTarget) Labels

func (t *PushTarget) Labels() model.LabelSet

Labels returns the set of labels that statically apply to all log entries produced by the PushTarget.

func (*PushTarget) Ready

func (t *PushTarget) Ready() bool

Ready indicates whether or not the PushTarget target is ready to be read from.

func (*PushTarget) Stop

func (t *PushTarget) Stop() error

Stop shuts down the PushTarget.

func (*PushTarget) Type

func (t *PushTarget) Type() target.TargetType

Type returns PushTargetType.

type PushTargetManager

type PushTargetManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SyslogTargetManager manages a series of PushTargets.

func NewPushTargetManager

func NewPushTargetManager(
	logger log.Logger,
	client api.EntryHandler,
	scrapeConfigs []scrapeconfig.Config,
) (*PushTargetManager, error)

NewPushTargetManager creates a new PushTargetManager.

func (*PushTargetManager) ActiveTargets

func (tm *PushTargetManager) ActiveTargets() map[string][]target.Target

ActiveTargets returns the list of PushTargets where Push data is being read. ActiveTargets is an alias to AllTargets as PushTargets cannot be deactivated, only stopped.

func (*PushTargetManager) AllTargets

func (tm *PushTargetManager) AllTargets() map[string][]target.Target

AllTargets returns the list of all targets where Push data is currently being read.

func (*PushTargetManager) Ready

func (tm *PushTargetManager) Ready() bool

Ready returns true if at least one PushTarget is also ready.

func (*PushTargetManager) Stop

func (tm *PushTargetManager) Stop()

Stop stops the PushTargetManager and all of its PushTargets.

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