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var DefaultScrapeConfig = Config{
	EntryParser: api.Docker,

DefaultScrapeConfig is the default Config.


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type Config

type Config struct {
	JobName                string                           `yaml:"job_name,omitempty"`
	EntryParser            api.EntryParser                  `yaml:"entry_parser"`
	PipelineStages         stages.PipelineStages            `yaml:"pipeline_stages,omitempty"`
	JournalConfig          *JournalTargetConfig             `yaml:"journal,omitempty"`
	SyslogConfig           *SyslogTargetConfig              `yaml:"syslog,omitempty"`
	PushConfig             *PushTargetConfig                `yaml:"loki_push_api,omitempty"`
	RelabelConfigs         []*relabel.Config                `yaml:"relabel_configs,omitempty"`
	ServiceDiscoveryConfig sd_config.ServiceDiscoveryConfig `yaml:",inline"`

Config describes a job to scrape.

func (*Config) HasServiceDiscoveryConfig

func (c *Config) HasServiceDiscoveryConfig() bool

HasServiceDiscoveryConfig checks to see if the service discovery used for file targets is non-zero.

func (*Config) UnmarshalYAML

func (c *Config) UnmarshalYAML(unmarshal func(interface{}) error) error

UnmarshalYAML implements the yaml.Unmarshaler interface.

type JournalTargetConfig

type JournalTargetConfig struct {
	// MaxAge determines the oldest relative time from process start that will
	// be read and sent to Loki. Values like 14h means no entry older than
	// 14h will be read. If unspecified, defaults to 7h.
	// A relative time specified here takes precedence over the saved position;
	// if the cursor is older than the MaxAge value, it will not be used.
	MaxAge string `yaml:"max_age"`

	// JSON forces the output message of entries read from the journal to be
	// JSON. The message will contain all original fields from the source
	// journal entry.
	JSON bool `yaml:"json"`

	// Labels optionally holds labels to associate with each record coming out
	// of the journal.
	Labels model.LabelSet `yaml:"labels"`

	// Path to a directory to read journal entries from. Defaults to system path
	// if empty.
	Path string `yaml:"path"`

JournalTargetConfig describes systemd journal records to scrape.

type PushTargetConfig

type PushTargetConfig struct {
	// Server is the weaveworks server config for listening connections
	Server server.Config `yaml:"server"`

	// Labels optionally holds labels to associate with each record received on the push api.
	Labels model.LabelSet `yaml:"labels"`

	// If promtail should maintain the incoming log timestamp or replace it with the current time.
	KeepTimestamp bool `yaml:"use_incoming_timestamp"`

PushTargetConfig describes a scrape config that listens for Loki push messages.

type SyslogTargetConfig

type SyslogTargetConfig struct {
	// ListenAddress is the address to listen on for syslog messages.
	ListenAddress string `yaml:"listen_address"`

	// IdleTimeout is the idle timeout for tcp connections.
	IdleTimeout time.Duration `yaml:"idle_timeout"`

	// LabelStructuredData sets if the structured data part of a syslog message
	// is translated to a label.
	// [example@99999 test="yes"] => {__syslog_message_sd_example_99999_test="yes"}
	LabelStructuredData bool `yaml:"label_structured_data"`

	// Labels optionally holds labels to associate with each record read from syslog.
	Labels model.LabelSet `yaml:"labels"`

SyslogTargetConfig describes a scrape config that listens for log lines over syslog.

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