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const (
	// FileTargetType is a file target
	FileTargetType = TargetType("File")

	// JournalTargetType is a journalctl target
	JournalTargetType = TargetType("Journal")

	// SyslogTargetType is a syslog target
	SyslogTargetType = TargetType("Syslog")

	// DroppedTargetType is a target that's been dropped.
	DroppedTargetType = TargetType("dropped")

	// PushTargetType is a Loki push target
	PushTargetType = TargetType("Push")


This section is empty.


func IsDropped

func IsDropped(t Target) bool

IsDropped tells if a target has been dropped


type Target

type Target interface {
	// Type of the target
	Type() TargetType
	// DiscoveredLabels returns labels discovered before any relabeling.
	DiscoveredLabels() model.LabelSet
	// Labels returns labels that are added to this target and its stream.
	Labels() model.LabelSet
	// Ready tells if the targets is ready
	Ready() bool
	// Details is additional information about this target specific to its type
	Details() interface{}

Target is a promtail scrape target

func NewDroppedTarget

func NewDroppedTarget(reason string, discoveredLabels model.LabelSet) Target

type TargetType

type TargetType string

TargetType is the type of target

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