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var ErrNotReady = errors.New("TSDB not ready")

ErrNotReady is returned if the underlying storage is not ready yet.


func Adapter

func Adapter(db *tsdb.DB, startTimeMargin int64) storage.Storage

Adapter return an adapter as storage.Storage.

func Open

func Open(path string, l log.Logger, r prometheus.Registerer, opts *Options) (*tsdb.DB, error)

Open returns a new storage backed by a TSDB database that is configured for Prometheus.


type Options

type Options struct {
	// The interval at which the write ahead log is flushed to disc.
	WALFlushInterval time.Duration

	// The timestamp range of head blocks after which they get persisted.
	// It's the minimum duration of any persisted block.
	MinBlockDuration model.Duration

	// The maximum timestamp range of compacted blocks.
	MaxBlockDuration model.Duration

	// Duration for how long to retain data.
	Retention model.Duration

	// Disable creation and consideration of lockfile.
	NoLockfile bool

Options of the DB storage.

type ReadyStorage

type ReadyStorage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ReadyStorage implements the Storage interface while allowing to set the actual storage at a later point in time.

func (*ReadyStorage) Appender

func (s *ReadyStorage) Appender() (storage.Appender, error)

Appender implements the Storage interface.

func (*ReadyStorage) Close

func (s *ReadyStorage) Close() error

Close implements the Storage interface.

func (*ReadyStorage) Get

func (s *ReadyStorage) Get() *tsdb.DB

Get the storage.

func (*ReadyStorage) Querier

func (s *ReadyStorage) Querier(ctx context.Context, mint, maxt int64) (storage.Querier, error)

Querier implements the Storage interface.

func (*ReadyStorage) Set

func (s *ReadyStorage) Set(db *tsdb.DB, startTimeMargin int64)

Set the storage.

func (*ReadyStorage) StartTime

func (s *ReadyStorage) StartTime() (int64, error)

StartTime implements the Storage interface.

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