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func AlertTemplateData

func AlertTemplateData(labels map[string]string, value float64) interface{}

AlertTemplateData returns the interface to be used in expanding the template.


type Expander

type Expander struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Expander executes templates in text or HTML mode with a common set of Prometheus template functions.

func NewTemplateExpander

func NewTemplateExpander(
	ctx context.Context,
	text string,
	name string,
	data interface{},
	timestamp model.Time,
	queryFunc QueryFunc,
	externalURL *url.URL,
) *Expander

NewTemplateExpander returns a template expander ready to use.

func (Expander) Expand

func (te Expander) Expand() (result string, resultErr error)

Expand expands a template in text (non-HTML) mode.

func (Expander) ExpandHTML

func (te Expander) ExpandHTML(templateFiles []string) (result string, resultErr error)

ExpandHTML expands a template with HTML escaping, with templates read from the given files.

func (Expander) Funcs

func (te Expander) Funcs(fm text_template.FuncMap)

Funcs adds the functions in fm to the Expander's function map. Existing functions will be overwritten in case of conflict.

func (Expander) ParseTest

func (te Expander) ParseTest() error

ParseTest parses the templates and returns the error if any.

type QueryFunc

type QueryFunc func(context.Context, string, time.Time) (promql.Vector, error)

QueryFunc executes a PromQL query at the given time.

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