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type ZookeeperLogger

type ZookeeperLogger struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ZookeeperLogger wraps a log.Logger into a zk.Logger.

func NewZookeeperLogger

func NewZookeeperLogger(logger log.Logger) ZookeeperLogger

NewZookeeperLogger is a constructor for ZookeeperLogger.

func (ZookeeperLogger) Printf

func (zl ZookeeperLogger) Printf(s string, i ...interface{})

Printf implements zk.Logger.

type ZookeeperTreeCache

type ZookeeperTreeCache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A ZookeeperTreeCache keeps data from all children of a Zookeeper path locally cached and updated according to received events.

func NewZookeeperTreeCache

func NewZookeeperTreeCache(conn *zk.Conn, path string, events chan ZookeeperTreeCacheEvent, logger log.Logger) *ZookeeperTreeCache

NewZookeeperTreeCache creates a new ZookeeperTreeCache for a given path.

func (*ZookeeperTreeCache) Stop

func (tc *ZookeeperTreeCache) Stop()

Stop stops the tree cache.

type ZookeeperTreeCacheEvent

type ZookeeperTreeCacheEvent struct {
	Path string
	Data *[]byte

A ZookeeperTreeCacheEvent models a Zookeeper event for a path.

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