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type Error

type Error struct {
	Group    string
	Rule     int
	RuleName string
	Err      error

Error represents semantical errors on parsing rule groups.

func (*Error) Error

func (err *Error) Error() string

type Rule

type Rule struct {
	Record      string            `yaml:"record,omitempty"`
	Alert       string            `yaml:"alert,omitempty"`
	Expr        string            `yaml:"expr"`
	For         model.Duration    `yaml:"for,omitempty"`
	Labels      map[string]string `yaml:"labels,omitempty"`
	Annotations map[string]string `yaml:"annotations,omitempty"`

Rule describes an alerting or recording rule.

func (*Rule) Validate

func (r *Rule) Validate() (errs []error)

Validate the rule and return a list of encountered errors.

type RuleGroup

type RuleGroup struct {
	Name     string         `yaml:"name"`
	Interval model.Duration `yaml:"interval,omitempty"`
	Rules    []Rule         `yaml:"rules"`

RuleGroup is a list of sequentially evaluated recording and alerting rules.

type RuleGroups

type RuleGroups struct {
	Groups []RuleGroup `yaml:"groups"`

RuleGroups is a set of rule groups that are typically exposed in a file.

func Parse

func Parse(content []byte) (*RuleGroups, []error)

Parse parses and validates a set of rules.

func ParseFile

func ParseFile(file string) (*RuleGroups, []error)

ParseFile reads and parses rules from a file.

func (*RuleGroups) Validate

func (g *RuleGroups) Validate() (errs []error)

Validate validates all rules in the rule groups.

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