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Published: Jun 24, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
gofat Command gofat is a simple utility to make fat binaries in the fatbin format (see
grail-access Command grail-access creates Vanadium credentials (also called principals) using either Google ID tokens (the default) or the AWS IAM role attached to an EC2 instance (requested using the '-ec2' flag).
grail-fuse/gfs Package gfs implements FUSE on top oh grailfile.
grail-role Command role creates Vanadium principals for a Vanadium role account.
grail-role-group Usage: role-group [flags] <command> The role-group commands are: list List all the role groups create Create a new role group update Update an existing role group help Display help for commands or topics The global flags are: -alsologtostderr=false log to standard error as well as files -block-profile= filename prefix for block profiles -block-profile-rate=1 rate for runtime.
grail-ticket Command grail-ticket retrieves a ticket from a ticket-server.
ticket-server Command ticket-server runs a Vanadium server that provides restricted access to tickets.