Package cmdutil provides utility routines for implementing command line tools.



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    func CheckAccess

    func CheckAccess(ctx *context.T) (time.Duration, error)

      CheckAccess checkes that the current process has credentials that will be valid for at least another 30 minutes. It is intended to allow for more useful and obvious error reporting.

      func CreateInfoCommand

      func CreateInfoCommand(name, prefix string, info ...func(*context.T, *cmdline.Env, []string) error) *cmdline.Command

        CreateInfoCommand creates a command akin to that created by CreatedVersionCommand but also includes the output of running each of the supplied info closures.

        func CreateVersionCommand

        func CreateVersionCommand(name, prefix string) *cmdline.Command

          CreateVersionCommand creates a cmdline 'subcommand' to display version information.

          The format of the information printed is:

          <prefix>/<version> (<tag1>; <tag2>; ...)

          The version and tags are set at build time using something like:

          go build -ldflags \
           "-X$version \

          func Fatal

          func Fatal(args ...interface{})

            Fatal mirrors log.Fatal with no prefix and no timestamp.

            func Fatalf

            func Fatalf(format string, args ...interface{})

              Fatalf mirrors log.Fatalf with no prefix and no timestamp.

              func RegisterTicketFlags

              func RegisterTicketFlags(fs *flag.FlagSet, prefix string, defaultTickets []string, flags *TicketFlags)

                RegisterTicketFlags registers the ticket related flags with the supplied FlagSet. The flags are: --<prefix>ticket --<prefix>ticket-timeout --<prefix>ticketrc

                func RunnerFuncWithAccessCheck

                func RunnerFuncWithAccessCheck(ctxfn func() *context.T, run func(*context.T, *cmdline.Env, []string) error) cmdline.Runner

                  RunnerFuncWithAccessCheck is like V23RunnerFunc, but also calls CheckAccess to test for credential existence/expiry.

                  func V23RunnerFunc

                  func V23RunnerFunc(ctxfn func() *context.T, run func(*context.T, *cmdline.Env, []string) error) cmdline.Runner

                    V23RunnerFunc is like cmdutil.RunnerFunc, but allows for a context.T parameter that is given the context as obtained from ctxfn.

                    func WriteBlessings

                    func WriteBlessings(ctx *context.T, out io.Writer)

                      WriteBlessings will write the current principal and blessings to the supplied io.Writer.

                      func WriteWrappedMessage

                      func WriteWrappedMessage(w io.Writer, m string)

                        WriteWrappedMessage writes the message to the specified io.Writer taking care to line wrap it appropriately for the terminal width.


                        type NetworkAddressFlag

                        type NetworkAddressFlag struct {
                        	Address   string
                        	Host      string
                        	Port      string
                        	Specified bool

                          NetworkAddressFlag represents a network address in host:port format.

                          func (*NetworkAddressFlag) Get

                          func (na *NetworkAddressFlag) Get() interface{}

                            Get implements flag.Value.Get

                            func (*NetworkAddressFlag) Set

                            func (na *NetworkAddressFlag) Set(v string) error

                              Set implements flag.Value.Set

                              func (*NetworkAddressFlag) String

                              func (na *NetworkAddressFlag) String() string

                                String implements flag.Value.String

                                type RunnerFunc

                                type RunnerFunc func(*cmdline.Env, []string) error

                                  RunnerFunc is an adapter that turns regular functions into cmdline.Runners.

                                  func (RunnerFunc) Run

                                  func (f RunnerFunc) Run(env *cmdline.Env, args []string) error

                                    Run implements the cmdline.Runner interface method by calling f(env, args) and also ensures that vlog logging is configured and that a flush is done at the end.

                                    type TicketFlags

                                    type TicketFlags struct {
                                    	Tickets      []string
                                    	TicketRCFile string
                                    	Timeout time.Duration
                                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                      TicketFlags represents an implementation of flag.Value that can be used to specify tickets either in comma separated form or by repeating the same flag. That is, either:



                                      --flag=t1 --flag=t2 --flag=t3


                                      --flag=t1,t2 --flag=t3

                                      func (*TicketFlags) ReadEnvOrFile

                                      func (tf *TicketFlags) ReadEnvOrFile() error

                                        ReadEnvOrFile will attempt to obtain values for the tickets to use from the environment or from a file if none have been explicitly set on the command line. If no flags were specified it will read the environment variable GRAIL_TICKETS and if that's empty it will attempt to read the file specified by the ticketrc flag (or it's default value).

                                        func (*TicketFlags) Set

                                        func (tf *TicketFlags) Set(v string) error

                                          Set implements flag.Value.

                                          func (*TicketFlags) String

                                          func (tf *TicketFlags) String() string

                                            String implements flag.Value.


                                            Path Synopsis
                                            Package interactive is switching defaults for logging to not output anything to stderr.
                                            Package interactive is switching defaults for logging to not output anything to stderr.