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Published: Jun 24, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
admit Package admit contains utilities for admission control.
backgroundcontext Package backgroundcontext manages the singleton v23 context.
bitset Package bitset provides support for treating a []uintptr as a bitset.
cloud/awssession Package awssession provides a simple way to obtain AWS session.Session using GRAIL tickets.
cmd/gofat Command gofat is a simple utility to make fat binaries in the fatbin format (see
cmd/grail-access Command grail-access creates Vanadium credentials (also called principals) using either Google ID tokens (the default) or the AWS IAM role attached to an EC2 instance (requested using the '-ec2' flag).
cmd/grail-fuse/gfs Package gfs implements FUSE on top oh grailfile.
cmd/grail-role Command role creates Vanadium principals for a Vanadium role account.
cmd/grail-role-group Usage: role-group [flags] <command> The role-group commands are: list List all the role groups create Create a new role group update Update an existing role group help Display help for commands or topics The global flags are: -alsologtostderr=false log to standard error as well as files -block-profile= filename prefix for block profiles -block-profile-rate=1 rate for runtime.
cmd/grail-ticket Command grail-ticket retrieves a ticket from a ticket-server.
cmd/ticket-server Command ticket-server runs a Vanadium server that provides restricted access to tickets.
cmdutil Package cmdutil provides utility routines for implementing command line tools.
cmdutil/interactive Package interactive is switching defaults for logging to not output anything to stderr.
compress Package compress provides convenience functions for creating compressors and uncompressors based on filenames.
config Package config is used to configure software systems.
config/http Package http defines profile providers for local HTTP servers.
crypto/encryption Package encryption provides support for encrypting and decrypting data and files with granular key management.
data Package data provides functionality for measuring and displaying data quantities.
diagnostic/dump Package dump provides the endpoint "debug/dump", registered with http.DefaultServeMux, which returns a dump of useful diagnostic information as a tarball.
digest Package digest provides a generalized representation for digests computed with cryptographic hash functions.
errors Package errors implements an error type that defines standard interpretable error codes for common error conditions.
eventlog Package eventlog provides logging of semi-structured events, particularly in service of downstream analysis, e.g.
fatbin Package fatbin implements a simple fat binary format, and provides facilities for creating fat binaries and accessing its variants.
file Package file provides basic file operations across multiple file-system types.
file/s3file Package s3file implements grail file interface for S3.
flock Package flock implements a simple POSIX file-based advisory lock.
grail Package grail contains the Init function that all programs are expected to call.
gtl/tests Code generated by
intervalmap Package intervalmap stores a set of (potentially overlapping) intervals.
iofmt Package iofmt contains various IO utilities used for formatting output.
limiter Package limiter implements a concurrency limiter with support for contexts.
log Package log provides simple level logging.
logio Package logio implements a failure-tolerant log, typically used as a write-ahead log.
mapio Package mapio implements a sorted, on-disk map, similar to the SSTable data structure used in Bigtable [1], Cassandra [2], and others.
must Package must provides a handful of functions to express fatal assertions in Go programs.
psort Package psort includes functions for parallel sorting.
recordio Package recordio implements the recordio file format.
recordio/recordioflate Package recordioflate provides the "flate" transformer.
recordio/recordioiov Package recordioiov provides utility functions for dealing with [][]bytes, used by recordio transformers.
retry Package retry contains utilities for implementing retry logic.
security/identity Package identity defines interfaces for Vanadium identity providers.
security/keycrypt Package keycrypt implements an API for storing and retrieving opaque blobs of data stored in a secure fashion.
security/keycrypt/file Package file implements a file-based keycrypt.
security/keycrypt/kms Package kms implements a Keycrypt using AWS's KMS service and S3.
security/tls/certificateauthority Package certificateauthority implements an x509 certificate authority.
shutdown Package shutdown implements a global process shutdown mechanism.
simd Package simd provides access to SIMD-based implementations of several common operations on byte arrays which the compiler cannot be trusted to autovectorize within the next several years.
state Package state implements atomic file-based state management with support for advisory locking.
stateio Package stateio implements persistent state mechanism based on log files that interleave indexed state snapshots with state updates.
status Package status provides facilities for reporting statuses from a number of tasks working towards a common goal.
stress/oom Package oom contains a single function to trigger Linux kernel OOMs.
sync/once Package once contains utilities for managing actions that must be performed exactly once.
traverse Package traverse provides primitives for concurrent and parallel traversal of slices or user-defined collections.
tsv Package tsv provides a simple TSV writer which takes care of number->string conversions and tabs, and is far more performant than fmt.Fprintf (thanks to use of strconv.Append{Uint,Float}).
vcontext Package vcontext creates a singleton vanadium Context object.
web/webutil Package webutil implements utility routines for web-related operations and applications.
writehash Package writehash provides a set of utility functions to hash common types into hashes.