Package gfs implements FUSE on top oh grailfile. Function Main is the entry point.



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    func Main

    func Main(ctx context.Context, remoteRootDir, mountDir string, daemon bool, tmpDir, logDir string)

      Main starts the FUSE server. It arranges so that contents of remoteRootDir can be accessed through mountDir. Arg remoteRootDir is typically "s3://". mountDir must be a directory in the local file system.

      If daemon==true, this function will fork itself to become a background process, and this process will exit. Otherwise this function blocks until the filesystem is unmounted by a superuser running "umount <dir>".

      Arg tmpDir specifies the directory to store temporary files. If tmpDir=="", it is set to /tmp/gfs-cache-<uid>.

      logDir specifies the directory for storing log files. If "", log messages are sent to stderr.

      func NewRoot

      func NewRoot(ctx context.Context, remoteRootDir, tmpDir string) fs.InodeEmbedder


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