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type Cacheable

type Cacheable interface {
	Cache() ShardCache

    Cacheable indicates a slice's data should be cached.

    type FileShardCache

    type FileShardCache struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      FileShardCache is a ShardCache backed by files. A nil *FileShardCache has no cached data.

      func NewFileShardCache

      func NewFileShardCache(ctx context.Context, prefix string, numShards int) *FileShardCache

        NewShardCache constructs a ShardCache. It does O(numShards) parallelized file operations to look up what's present in the cache.

        func (*FileShardCache) CacheReader

        func (c *FileShardCache) CacheReader(shard int) sliceio.Reader

          CacheReader returns a reader that reads from the cache. If the shard is not cached, returns a reader that will always return an error.

          func (*FileShardCache) IsCached

          func (c *FileShardCache) IsCached(shard int) bool

          func (*FileShardCache) RequireAllCached

          func (c *FileShardCache) RequireAllCached()

          func (*FileShardCache) WritethroughReader

          func (c *FileShardCache) WritethroughReader(shard int, reader sliceio.Reader) sliceio.Reader

            WritethroughReader returns a reader that populates the cache. reader should read computed data.

            type ShardCache

            type ShardCache interface {
            	IsCached(shard int) bool
            	WritethroughReader(shard int, reader sliceio.Reader) sliceio.Reader
            	CacheReader(shard int) sliceio.Reader

              ShardCache accesses cached data for a slice's shards.

              var Empty ShardCache = empty{}

                Empty is an empty cache.