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package bigslice

v0.0.0 (8e22b3d)
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Published: May 28, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
archive/tarslice Package tarslice implements bigslice operations for reading tar archives.
cmd/badfuncs Badfuncs is a binary that tests various scenarios of Func creation that may fail to satisfy the invariant that all workers share common definitions of Funcs.
cmd/bigslice/bigslicecmd Package bigslicecmd provides the core functionality of the bigslice command as a package for easier integration into external toolchains and setups.
cmd/slicer Slicer is a binary used to test and stress multiple aspects of Bigslice.
cmd/urls Urls is a bigslice demo program that uses the GDELT public data set aggregate counts by domain names mentioned in news event reports.
exec Package exec implements compilation, evaluation, and execution of Bigslice slice operations.
frame Package frame implements a typed, columnar data structure that represents data vectors throughout Bigslice.
internal/zero Package zero provides facilities for efficiently zeroing Go values.
metrics Package metrics defines a set of primitives for declaring and managing metrics within Bigslice.
sliceconfig Package sliceconfig provides a mechanism to create a bigslice session from a shared configuration.
slicefunc Package slicefunc provides types and code to call user-defined functions with Bigslice.
sliceio Package sliceio provides utilities for managing I/O for Bigslice operations.
slicetest Package slicetest provides utilities for testing Bigslice user code.
slicetype Package slicetype implements data types and utilities to describe Bigslice types: Slices, Frames, and Tasks all carry slicetype.Types.
sortio Package sortio provides facilities for sorting slice outputs and merging and reducing sorted record streams.
stats Package stats provides collections of counters.
typecheck Package typecheck contains a number of typechecking and inference utilities for bigslice operators.