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type Walker

type Walker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Walker walks a recursive directory hierarchy, exposing a scanner-like interface.

    func (*Walker) Err

    func (w *Walker) Err() error

      Err returns the first error that occurred while scanning.

      func (*Walker) Info

      func (w *Walker) Info() os.FileInfo

        Info returns the os.FileInfo for the most recent path scanned.

        func (*Walker) Init

        func (w *Walker) Init(root string)

          Init initializes a walker to walk from a root path.

          func (*Walker) Path

          func (w *Walker) Path() string

            Path returns the most recent path that was scanned.

            func (*Walker) Relpath

            func (w *Walker) Relpath() string

              Relpath returns the most recent path that was scanned, relative to the scan root directory.

              func (*Walker) Scan

              func (w *Walker) Scan() bool

                Scan advances the walker to the next entry in the hierarchy. It returns false either when the scan stops because we have reached the end of the input or else because there was error. After Scan returns, the Err method returns any error that occurred during scanning.

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