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The latest major version is v2.

Published: Feb 8, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package rdbms provides the RdbmsAccess facility which gives application code access to an RDBMS (SQL database).

The RdbmsAccess facility is described in detail at and the programmatic interface that applications will use for executing SQL is described in the rdbms package documentation.

The purpose of this facility is to create an rdbms.RdbmsClientManager that will be injected into your application components. In turn, the rdbms.RdbmsClientManager will be used by your application to create instances of rdbms.RDBMSClient which provide the interface for executing SQL queries and managing transactions.


type RdbmsAccessFacilityBuilder

type RdbmsAccessFacilityBuilder struct {
	Log logging.Logger

Creates an instance of rdbms.RDBMSClientManager that can be injected into your application components.

func (*RdbmsAccessFacilityBuilder) BuildAndRegister

func (rafb *RdbmsAccessFacilityBuilder) BuildAndRegister(lm *logging.ComponentLoggerManager, ca *config.ConfigAccessor, cn *ioc.ComponentContainer) error

See FacilityBuilder.BuildAndRegister

func (*RdbmsAccessFacilityBuilder) DependsOnFacilities

func (rafb *RdbmsAccessFacilityBuilder) DependsOnFacilities() []string

DependsOnFacilities returns the other faclities that must be enabled in order to use the RdbmsAccess facility. You must enable the QueryManager facility.

func (*RdbmsAccessFacilityBuilder) FacilityName

func (rafb *RdbmsAccessFacilityBuilder) FacilityName() string

See FacilityBuilder.FacilityName

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