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Published: Sep 18, 2019 License: BSD-2-Clause-Views, MIT Imports: 8 Imported by: 0



package persister is a copy of with non essential stuff removed, and using a fork of go-whisper, which allows us to build on windows

this is a parser for graphite's storage-schemas.conf it supports old and new retention format see based on but with some improvements



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func ParseRetentionDefs

func ParseRetentionDefs(retentionDefs string) (whisper.Retentions, error)

ParseRetentionDefs parses retention definitions into a Retentions structure


type Schema

type Schema struct {
	Name         string
	Pattern      *regexp.Regexp
	RetentionStr string
	Retentions   whisper.Retentions
	Priority     int64

Schema represents one schema setting

type WhisperSchemas

type WhisperSchemas []Schema

WhisperSchemas contains schema settings

func ReadWhisperSchemas

func ReadWhisperSchemas(filename string) (WhisperSchemas, error)

ReadWhisperSchemas reads and parses a storage-schemas.conf file and returns a sorted schemas structure see

func (WhisperSchemas) Len

func (s WhisperSchemas) Len() int

func (WhisperSchemas) Less

func (s WhisperSchemas) Less(i, j int) bool

func (WhisperSchemas) Match

func (s WhisperSchemas) Match(metric string) (Schema, bool)

Match finds the schema for metric or returns false if none found

func (WhisperSchemas) Swap

func (s WhisperSchemas) Swap(i, j int)

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