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func MsgCreatePoolExec

func MsgCreatePoolExec(clientCtx client.Context, from, poolID, depositCoins string,
	extraArgs ...string) (testutil.BufferWriter, error)

MsgCreatePoolExec creates a transaction for creating liquidity pool.

func MsgDepositWithinBatchExec

func MsgDepositWithinBatchExec(clientCtx client.Context, from, poolID, depositCoins string,
	extraArgs ...string) (testutil.BufferWriter, error)

MsgDepositWithinBatchExec creates a transaction to deposit new amounts to the pool.

func MsgParamChangeProposalExec

func MsgParamChangeProposalExec(clientCtx client.Context, from string, file string) (testutil.BufferWriter, error)

MsgParamChangeProposalExec creates a transaction for submitting param change proposal

func MsgSwapWithinBatchExec

func MsgSwapWithinBatchExec(clientCtx client.Context, from, poolID, swapTypeID,
	offerCoin, demandCoinDenom, orderPrice, swapFeeRate string, extraArgs ...string) (testutil.BufferWriter, error)

MsgSwapWithinBatchExec creates a transaction to swap coins in the pool.

func MsgVote

func MsgVote(clientCtx client.Context, from, id, vote string, extraArgs ...string) (testutil.BufferWriter, error)

MsgVote votes for a proposal

func MsgWithdrawWithinBatchExec

func MsgWithdrawWithinBatchExec(clientCtx client.Context, from, poolID, poolCoin string,
	extraArgs ...string) (testutil.BufferWriter, error)

MsgWithdrawWithinBatchExec creates a transaction to withraw pool coin amount from the pool.

func NewAppConstructor

func NewAppConstructor(encodingCfg params.EncodingConfig, db *dbm.MemDB) network.AppConstructor

NewAppConstructor returns a new network AppConstructor.

func NewConfig

func NewConfig(dbm *dbm.MemDB) network.Config

NewConfig returns config that defines the necessary testing requirements used to bootstrap and start an in-process local testing network.


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