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Published: Aug 28, 2019 License: BSD-2-Clause Imports: 11 Imported by: 19




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const (
	DefaultCleartextPort uint16 = 4023
	DefaultTLSPort       uint16 = 4024


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var (
	ErrNoConnections            = errors.New("No connections specified")
	ErrMissingIngestSecret      = errors.New("Ingest-Secret value missing")
	ErrInvalidLogLevel          = errors.New("Invalid Log Level")
	ErrInvalidConnectionTimeout = errors.New("Invalid connection timeout")
	ErrInvalidIngestCacheSize   = errors.New("Invalid Max Ingest Cache size")
	ErrCacheEnabledZeroMax      = errors.New("Ingest cache enabled with zero Max Cache size")


func AppendDefaultPort

func AppendDefaultPort(bstr string, defPort uint16) string

func LoadEnvVar

func LoadEnvVar(cnd *string, envName, defVal string) error

Attempts to read a value from environment variable named envName If there's nothing there, it attempt to append _FILE to the variable name and see if it contains a filename; if so, it reads the contents of the file into cnd.

func LoadEnvVarList

func LoadEnvVarList(lst *[]string, envName string) error

func ParseSource

func ParseSource(v string) (b net.IP, err error)

ParseSource returns a net.IP byte buffer the returned buffer will always be a 32bit or 128bit buffer but we accept encodings as IPv4, IPv6, integer, hex encoded hash this function simply walks the available encodings until one works


type IngestConfig

type IngestConfig struct {
	Ingest_Secret              string
	Connection_Timeout         string
	Verify_Remote_Certificates bool //legacy, will be removed
	Insecure_Skip_TLS_Verify   bool
	Cleartext_Backend_Target   []string
	Encrypted_Backend_Target   []string
	Pipe_Backend_Target        []string
	Ingest_Cache_Path          string
	Max_Ingest_Cache           int64 //maximum amount of data to cache in MB
	Log_Level                  string
	Log_File                   string
	Source_Override            string // override normal source if desired
	Rate_Limit                 string

func (*IngestConfig) EnableCache

func (ic *IngestConfig) EnableCache() bool

EnableCache indicates whether a file cache is enabled

func (*IngestConfig) InsecureSkipTLSVerification

func (ic *IngestConfig) InsecureSkipTLSVerification() bool

func (*IngestConfig) LocalFileCachePath

func (ic *IngestConfig) LocalFileCachePath() string

LocalFileCachePath returns the path to the local ingest cache an empty string means no cache enabled

func (*IngestConfig) LogLevel

func (ic *IngestConfig) LogLevel() string

Return the specified log level

func (*IngestConfig) MaxCachedData

func (ic *IngestConfig) MaxCachedData() uint64

MaxCachedData returns the maximum amount of data to be cached in bytes

func (*IngestConfig) RateLimit

func (ic *IngestConfig) RateLimit() (bps int64, err error)

func (*IngestConfig) Secret

func (ic *IngestConfig) Secret() string

func (*IngestConfig) Targets

func (ic *IngestConfig) Targets() ([]string, error)

func (*IngestConfig) Timeout

func (ic *IngestConfig) Timeout() time.Duration

func (*IngestConfig) Verify

func (ic *IngestConfig) Verify() error

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