Package servers provides an interface for choosing Servers to communicate with from a Nomad Client perspective. The package does not provide any API guarantees and should be called only by `hashicorp/nomad`.



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    type Manager

    type Manager struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    func New

    func New(logger hclog.Logger, shutdownCh chan struct{}, connPoolPinger Pinger) (m *Manager)

      New is the only way to safely create a new Manager struct.

      func (*Manager) FindServer

      func (m *Manager) FindServer() *Server

        FindServer returns a server to send an RPC too. If there are no servers, nil is returned.

        func (*Manager) GetServers

        func (m *Manager) GetServers() Servers

          GetServers returns a copy of the current list of servers.

          func (*Manager) NotifyFailedServer

          func (m *Manager) NotifyFailedServer(s *Server)

            NotifyFailedServer marks the passed in server as "failed" by rotating it to the end of the server list.

            func (*Manager) NumNodes

            func (m *Manager) NumNodes() int32

              NumNodes returns the number of approximate nodes in the cluster.

              func (*Manager) NumServers

              func (m *Manager) NumServers() int

                NumServers returns the total number of known servers whether healthy or not.

                func (*Manager) RebalanceServers

                func (m *Manager) RebalanceServers()

                  RebalanceServers shuffles the order in which Servers will be contacted. The function will shuffle the set of potential servers to contact and then attempt to contact each server. If a server successfully responds it is used, otherwise it is rotated such that it will be the last attempted server.

                  func (*Manager) ResetRebalanceTimer

                  func (m *Manager) ResetRebalanceTimer()

                    ResetRebalanceTimer resets the rebalance timer. This method exists for testing and should not be used directly.

                    func (*Manager) SetNumNodes

                    func (m *Manager) SetNumNodes(n int32)

                      SetNumNodes stores the number of approximate nodes in the cluster.

                      func (*Manager) SetServers

                      func (m *Manager) SetServers(servers Servers) bool

                        SetServers sets the servers and returns if the new server list is different than the existing server set

                        func (*Manager) Start

                        func (m *Manager) Start()

                          Start is used to start and manage the task of automatically shuffling and rebalancing the list of Nomad servers in order to distribute load across all known and available Nomad servers.

                          type Pinger

                          type Pinger interface {
                          	Ping(addr net.Addr) error

                            Pinger is an interface for pinging a server to see if it is healthy.

                            type Server

                            type Server struct {
                            	// Addr is the resolved address of the server
                            	Addr net.Addr
                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              Server contains the address of a server and metadata that can be used for choosing a server to contact.

                              func (*Server) Copy

                              func (s *Server) Copy() *Server

                              func (*Server) Equal

                              func (s *Server) Equal(o *Server) bool

                              func (*Server) String

                              func (s *Server) String() string

                              type Servers

                              type Servers []*Server

                              func (Servers) Equal

                              func (s Servers) Equal(o Servers) bool

                                Equal returns if the two server lists are equal, including the ordering.

                                func (Servers) Sort

                                func (s Servers) Sort()

                                func (Servers) String

                                func (s Servers) String() string

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