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const (
	DescStatusIsEmpty    = 0
	DescStatusIsNotEmpty = 1
	DescStatusDefaultSep = " ~~~ "
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const (
	OASVersionLatest = "3.0.3"
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const XTagGroupsPropertyName = "x-tag-groups"


This section is empty.


func BuildApiUrlOAS

func BuildApiUrlOAS(specServerURL, overrideServerURL, specPath string) string

func Copy

func Copy(spec *oas3.Swagger) (*oas3.Swagger, error)

func CopySchemaStandard

func CopySchemaStandard(schema oas3.Schema) (oas3.Schema, error)

func GetExtensionPropString

func GetExtensionPropString(xprops oas3.ExtensionProps, key string) (string, error)

    GetExtensionPropString converts extension prop value from `json.RawMessage` to `string`.

    func GetExtensionPropStringOrEmpty

    func GetExtensionPropStringOrEmpty(xprops oas3.ExtensionProps, key string) string

      GetExtensionPropStringOrEmpty converts extension prop value from `json.RawMessage` to `string`.

      func GetOperationExtensionPropStringOrEmpty

      func GetOperationExtensionPropStringOrEmpty(op oas3.Operation, key string) string

        GetOperationExtensionPropStringOrEmpty converts extension prop value from `json.RawMessage` to `string`.

        func Merge

        func Merge(specMaster, specExtra *oas3.Swagger, specExtraNote string, mergeOpts *MergeOptions) (*oas3.Swagger, error)

        func MergeDirectory

        func MergeDirectory(dir string, mergeOpts *MergeOptions) (*oas3.Swagger, int, error)

        func MergeFiles

        func MergeFiles(filepaths []string, mergeOpts *MergeOptions) (*oas3.Swagger, error)

        func MergeParameters

        func MergeParameters(specMaster, specExtra *oas3.Swagger, specExtraNote string, mergeOpts *MergeOptions) (*oas3.Swagger, error)

        func MergePaths

        func MergePaths(specMaster, specExtra *oas3.Swagger) (*oas3.Swagger, error)

        func MergeRequestBodies

        func MergeRequestBodies(specMaster, specExtra *oas3.Swagger, specExtraNote string) (*oas3.Swagger, error)

        func MergeResponses

        func MergeResponses(specMaster, specExtra *oas3.Swagger, specExtraNote string, mergeOpts *MergeOptions) (*oas3.Swagger, error)

        func MergeSchemas

        func MergeSchemas(specMaster, specExtra *oas3.Swagger, specExtraNote string, mergeOpts *MergeOptions) (*oas3.Swagger, error)

        func MergeTags

        func MergeTags(specMaster, specExtra *oas3.Swagger) *oas3.Swagger

        func MergeWithTables

        func MergeWithTables(spec1, spec2 *oas3.Swagger, specExtraNote string, mergeOpts *MergeOptions) (*oas3.Swagger, []*table.Table, error)

          MergeWithTables performs a spec merge and returns comparison tables. This is useful to combine with WriteXLSX() to write out comparison tables for debugging.

          func NewSpec

          func NewSpec(oasVersion, apiTitle, apiVersion string) *oas3.Swagger

            NewSpec returns a new OpenAPI 3 spec that will validate. Specifically, it includes an OAS version, sets `info` to be an empty object instead of null and sets apiVersion.

            func OpTableColumnsDefault

            func OpTableColumnsDefault() []text.Text

            func OpTableColumnsRingCentral

            func OpTableColumnsRingCentral() *text.TextSet

            func OperationRequestMediaTypes

            func OperationRequestMediaTypes(op *oas3.Operation) []string

              func MediaTypesToSlice(typesMap map[string]*oas3.MediaType) []string {

              slice := []string{}
              for thisType := range typesMap {
              	slice = append(slides, thisType)
              return slice


              OperationRequestMediaTypes returns a sorted slice of request media types.

              func OperationResponseMediaTypes

              func OperationResponseMediaTypes(op *oas3.Operation) []string

                OperationResponseMediaTypes returns a sorted slice of response media types.

                func OperationSetRequestBodySchemaRef

                func OperationSetRequestBodySchemaRef(op *oas3.Operation, mediaType string, schemaRef *oas3.SchemaRef)

                func OperationSetResponseBodySchemaRef

                func OperationSetResponseBodySchemaRef(op *oas3.Operation, status, description, mediaType string, schemaRef *oas3.SchemaRef) error

                func ReadAndValidateFile

                func ReadAndValidateFile(oas3file string) (*oas3.Swagger, error)

                func ReadFile

                func ReadFile(oas3file string, validate bool) (*oas3.Swagger, error)

                  ReadFile does optional validation which is useful when merging incomplete spec files.

                  func SchemaPathExpand

                  func SchemaPathExpand(schemaName string) string

                  func TagsWithoutGroups

                  func TagsWithoutGroups(spec *oas3.Swagger, tagGroupSet TagGroupSet) []string

                  func VisitOperations

                  func VisitOperations(spec *oas3.Swagger, visitOp func(path, method string, op *oas3.Operation))

                  func WriteFileDirMerge

                  func WriteFileDirMerge(outfile, inputDir string, perm os.FileMode, mergeOpts *MergeOptions) (int, error)


                  type CollisionCheckResult

                  type CollisionCheckResult int
                  const (
                  	CollisionCheckSame CollisionCheckResult = iota

                  func SchemaCheckCollisionDefault

                  func SchemaCheckCollisionDefault(schemaName string, item1, item2 interface{}, item2Note string) CollisionCheckResult

                  func SchemaCheckCollisionSkip

                  func SchemaCheckCollisionSkip(schemaName string, item1, item2 interface{}, item2Note string) CollisionCheckResult

                  type ExtensionPropsParent

                  type ExtensionPropsParent interface{}

                  type MergeOptions

                  type MergeOptions struct {
                  	FileRx               *regexp.Regexp
                  	SchemaFunc           func(schemaName string, sch1, sch2 interface{}, hint2 string) CollisionCheckResult
                  	CollisionCheckResult CollisionCheckResult
                  	ValidateEach         bool
                  	ValidateFinal        bool

                  func NewMergeOptionsSkip

                  func NewMergeOptionsSkip() *MergeOptions

                  func (*MergeOptions) CheckSchemaCollision

                  func (mo *MergeOptions) CheckSchemaCollision(schemaName string, sch1, sch2 interface{}, hint2 string) CollisionCheckResult

                  type OperationMeta

                  type OperationMeta struct {
                  	OperationID string
                  	Summary     string
                  	Method      string
                  	Path        string
                  	Tags        []string
                  	MetaNotes   []string

                  func OperationToMeta

                  func OperationToMeta(url, method string, op *oas3.Operation) OperationMeta

                  type SpecMeta

                  type SpecMeta struct {
                  	Filepath        string
                  	Version         int
                  	IsValid         bool
                  	ValidationError string

                  type SpecMetas

                  type SpecMetas struct {
                  	Metas []SpecMeta

                  func ReadSpecMetasDir

                  func ReadSpecMetasDir(dir string, rx *regexp.Regexp) (SpecMetas, error)

                  func ReadSpecMetasFiles

                  func ReadSpecMetasFiles(files []string) (SpecMetas, error)

                  func (*SpecMetas) Filepaths

                  func (metas *SpecMetas) Filepaths(validOnly bool) []string

                  func (*SpecMetas) Merge

                  func (metas *SpecMetas) Merge(validatesOnly bool, mergeOpts *MergeOptions) (SpecMore, error)

                  type SpecMore

                  type SpecMore struct {
                  	Spec *oas3.Swagger

                  func MergeSpecMetas

                  func MergeSpecMetas(metas *SpecMetas, validatesOnly bool, mergeOpts *MergeOptions) (SpecMore, error)

                  func ReadSpecMore

                  func ReadSpecMore(path string, validate bool) (*SpecMore, error)

                  func (*SpecMore) ComponentRequestBody

                  func (sm *SpecMore) ComponentRequestBody(componentPath string) *oas3.RequestBodyRef

                  func (*SpecMore) ExtensionNames

                  func (sm *SpecMore) ExtensionNames() map[string]int

                    ExtensionNames is not complete yet.

                    func (*SpecMore) HasComponentSchema

                    func (sm *SpecMore) HasComponentSchema(componentSchemaName string, lowerCaseMatch bool) bool

                    func (*SpecMore) MarshalJSON

                    func (sm *SpecMore) MarshalJSON(prefix, indent string) ([]byte, error)

                    func (*SpecMore) OperationByID

                    func (sm *SpecMore) OperationByID(wantOperationID string) (path, method string, op *oas3.Operation, err error)

                    func (*SpecMore) OperationMetas

                    func (sm *SpecMore) OperationMetas() []OperationMeta

                    func (*SpecMore) OperationParametersDescriptionStatus

                    func (sm *SpecMore) OperationParametersDescriptionStatus() maputil.MapStringMapStringInt

                      OperationParametersDescriptionStatus returns a set of operationIds and parameters with description status where `1` indicates a description and `0` indicates no descriptions. Descriptions for references aren't processed so they aren't analyzed and reported on. This returns a `MapStringMapStringInt` where the first key is the operationIds and the second key is the parameter name.

                      func (*SpecMore) OperationParametersDescriptionStatusCounts

                      func (sm *SpecMore) OperationParametersDescriptionStatusCounts() (with, without, all int)

                        OperationParametersDescriptionStatusCounts returns operation parameter counts with descriptions, without descriptions, and total counts.

                        func (*SpecMore) OperationParametersWithoutDescriptionsWriteFile

                        func (sm *SpecMore) OperationParametersWithoutDescriptionsWriteFile(filename string) error

                        func (*SpecMore) OperationsCount

                        func (sm *SpecMore) OperationsCount() int

                        func (*SpecMore) OperationsIDs

                        func (sm *SpecMore) OperationsIDs() []string

                        func (*SpecMore) OperationsTable

                        func (sm *SpecMore) OperationsTable(columns *text.TextSet) (*table.Table, error)

                        func (*SpecMore) PrintJSON

                        func (sm *SpecMore) PrintJSON(prefix, indent string) error

                        func (*SpecMore) SchemaNameExists

                        func (sm *SpecMore) SchemaNameExists(schemaName string, includeNil bool) bool

                        func (*SpecMore) SchemaNames

                        func (sm *SpecMore) SchemaNames() []string

                        func (*SpecMore) SchemaPropertiesDescriptionStatus

                        func (sm *SpecMore) SchemaPropertiesDescriptionStatus() maputil.MapStringMapStringInt

                          SchemaPropertiesDescriptionStatus returns a set of schema names and properties with description status where `1` indicates a description and `0` indicates no descriptions. Descriptions for references aren't processed so they aren't analyzed and reported on. This returns a `MapStringMapStringInt` where the first key is the component name and the second key is the property name.

                          func (*SpecMore) SchemaPropertiesDescriptionStatusCounts

                          func (sm *SpecMore) SchemaPropertiesDescriptionStatusCounts() (with, without, all int)

                            SchemaPropertiesDescriptionStatusCounts returns schema property counts with descriptions, without descriptions, and total counts.

                            func (*SpecMore) SchemaPropertiesWithoutDescriptionsWriteFile

                            func (sm *SpecMore) SchemaPropertiesWithoutDescriptionsWriteFile(filename string) error

                            func (*SpecMore) SchemaRef

                            func (sm *SpecMore) SchemaRef(schemaName string) *oas3.SchemaRef

                            func (*SpecMore) SchemasCount

                            func (sm *SpecMore) SchemasCount() int

                            func (*SpecMore) ServerURL

                            func (sm *SpecMore) ServerURL(index uint) string

                              ServerURL returns the OAS3 Spec URL for the index specified.

                              func (*SpecMore) ServerURLBasePath

                              func (sm *SpecMore) ServerURLBasePath(index uint) (string, error)

                                ServerURLBasePath extracts the base path from a OAS URL which can include variables.

                                func (*SpecMore) SetOperation

                                func (sm *SpecMore) SetOperation(path, method string, op *oas3.Operation)

                                func (*SpecMore) SetSchemaRef

                                func (sm *SpecMore) SetSchemaRef(schemaName string, schemaRef *oas3.SchemaRef) error

                                func (*SpecMore) Stats

                                func (sm *SpecMore) Stats() SpecStats

                                func (*SpecMore) TagGroups

                                func (sm *SpecMore) TagGroups() (TagGroupSet, error)

                                  TagGroups parses a TagGroupSet from an OpenAPI3 spec.

                                  func (*SpecMore) Tags

                                  func (sm *SpecMore) Tags(inclTop, inclOps bool) []string

                                  func (*SpecMore) TagsMap

                                  func (sm *SpecMore) TagsMap(inclTop, inclOps bool) map[string]int

                                    TagsMap returns a set of tags present in the current spec.

                                    func (*SpecMore) WriteFileJSON

                                    func (sm *SpecMore) WriteFileJSON(filename string, perm os.FileMode, prefix, indent string) error

                                    func (*SpecMore) WriteFileXLSX

                                    func (sm *SpecMore) WriteFileXLSX(filename string) error

                                    type SpecStats

                                    type SpecStats struct {
                                    	OperationsCount int
                                    	SchemasCount    int

                                    type TagGroup

                                    type TagGroup struct {
                                    	Name    string   `json:"name"`
                                    	Popular bool     `json:"popular"`
                                    	Tags    []string `json:"tags"`

                                    type TagGroupSet

                                    type TagGroupSet struct {
                                    	TagGroups []TagGroup

                                    func NewTagGroupSet

                                    func NewTagGroupSet() TagGroupSet

                                    func (*TagGroupSet) AddToSpec

                                    func (set *TagGroupSet) AddToSpec(spec *oas3.Swagger) error

                                    func (*TagGroupSet) Exists

                                    func (set *TagGroupSet) Exists(tagName string) bool

                                    func (*TagGroupSet) GetTagGroupNamesForTagNames

                                    func (set *TagGroupSet) GetTagGroupNamesForTagNames(wantTagNames ...string) []string

                                    type TagsMore

                                    type TagsMore struct {
                                    	Tags oas3.Tags

                                    func (*TagsMore) Get

                                    func (tg *TagsMore) Get(tagName string) *oas3.Tag

                                    type ValidationStatus

                                    type ValidationStatus struct {
                                    	Status  bool
                                    	Message string
                                    	Context string
                                    	OpenAPI string

                                    func ValidateMore

                                    func ValidateMore(spec *oas3.Swagger) (ValidationStatus, error)


                                    Path Synopsis