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func Handle

func Handle(handler sdkHandler.Handler)

Handle registers the handler for all events. In the future, we would have a mux-pattern to dispatch events to matched handlers.

func Run

func Run(ctx context.Context)

Run starts the process of Watching resources, handling Events, and processing Actions

func Watch

func Watch(apiVersion, kind, namespace string)

Watch watches for changes on the given resource. apiVersion for a resource is of the format "Group/Version" except for the "Core" group whose APIVersion is just "v1". For e.g:

  • Deployments have Group "apps" and Version "v1beta2" giving the APIVersion "apps/v1beta2"
  • Pods have Group "Core" and Version "v1" giving the APIVersion "v1"
  • The custom resource Memcached might have Group "" and Version "v1alpha1" giving the APIVersion ""

kind is the Kind of the resource, e.g "Pod" for pods Consult the API reference for the Group, Version and Kind of a resource: namespace is the Namespace to watch for the resource TODO: support opts for specifying label selector


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