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func BackupTarget

func BackupTarget(target Target, backupDirectory string) error

BackupTarget backs up an entity that holds one or more git repositories and has an interface to retrieve that list of repositories. Examples of entities include:

  • A GitHub user.
  • A BitBucket user.
  • A GitHub organization.


type Config

type Config struct {
	BackupDirectory string   `yaml:"backup_directory"`
	Targets         []Target `yaml:"targets"`

Config represents the configuration file that will be used to find backup targets and where to back up the repositories

func GetConfig

func GetConfig(configPath string) Config

GetConfig retrieves the configuration file specified by the user and parses it into a Config structure.

type Target

type Target struct {
	Name     string
	Source   string
	Type     string
	Entity   string
	Password string
	Token    string
	Skip     string
	Only     string

Target holds configuration information about a given target to back up, including the type of target, credentials, and what repositories to include/skip.

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