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Published: Nov 14, 2017 License: MIT



A bunch of executables to interact with a specific Philips Hue Lamp:

  • switch: Turn On / Off the lamp;
  • dimmer: Dim the lamp;
  • brighter: Bright the lamp;
  • setup: Find the Philips Hue Bridge, register Huexe in it and create the config.yml file;
  • unregister: Unregister the Huexe from the Bridge.


  1. Download the package of your Operating System at huexe/releases and extract it where you prefer.

  2. Press the Philips Hue Bridge "Push-Link Button" and (by the limit of 30 seconds) execute the setup. The Huexe will be registered and the Key will be stored at config.yml file.

It will be configured to use the lamp with id 1. If you want to control other lamps, create a copy of this installation and edit the id inside config.yml to the desired one.


id: 1
username: 249ba36000029bbe97499c03db5a9001f6b734ec
steps: 25
  • id: Refers to the Lamp ID from the Philips Hue Bridge API.

    If you are using the API to find the lamps IDs, it is not the uniqueid, modelid nor luminaireuniqueid. It's the key refering the JSON object, with state, type, etc..

  • address: The Philips Hue Bridge IP Address.

  • username: It's a Hash Key / Token generated from the Philips Hue Bridge API when the Huexe is registered.

  • steps: Refers to how much one execution of dimmer / brighter will dim / bright.

    The Brightness of a Hue lamp goes from 1 to 254, and it just accept integer values. In this way the default value of steps is 25, to a total of 10 executions from minimum to maximum bright.

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Huexe is released under the MIT License.


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