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const VERSION = "v2.8.2"

VERSION is version of dalfox


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func Banner(options model.Options)

Banner is DalFox banner function

func CheckToShowPoC added in v2.4.3

func CheckToShowPoC(patterns string) (bool, bool, bool)

CheckToShowPoC is check logic for --only-poc flag

func DalLog

func DalLog(level, text string, options model.Options)

DalLog is log fomatting for DalFox

func DrawSpinner

func DrawSpinner(s *spinner.Spinner, t map[string]int, pointer int)

DrawSpinner is drawing spinner

func RestartSpinner added in v2.6.0

func RestartSpinner(options model.Options)

RestartSpinner is restart global spinner

func SetSpinner added in v2.6.0

func SetSpinner(str string, options model.Options)

SetSpinner is set string to global spinner

func StopSpinner added in v2.6.0

func StopSpinner(options model.Options)

StopSpinner is stop global spinner

func Summary added in v2.3.1

func Summary(options model.Options, target string)

Summary is printing options


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