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func GenerateRandomToken

func GenerateRandomToken(url string) string

GenerateRandomToken is make scan id

func GetScan

func GetScan(sid string, options model.Options) model.Scan

GetScan is get scan information @Summary scan @Description get scan info @Accept json @Produce json @Param scanid path string true "scan id" @Success 200 {object} Res @Router /scan/{scanid} [get]

func GetScans

func GetScans()

GetScans is list of scan @Summary scan @Description show scan list @Accept json @Produce json @Success 200 {array} string @Router /scans [get]

func RunAPIServer

func RunAPIServer(options model.Options)

RunAPIServer is Running Echo server with swag

func ScanFromAPI

func ScanFromAPI(url string, rqOptions model.Options, options model.Options, sid string)

ScanFromAPI is scanning dalfox with REST API @Summary scan @Description add dalfox scan @Accept json @Produce json @Param data body Req true "json data" @Success 200 {object} Res @Router /scan [post]


type Req

type Req struct {
	URL     string        `json:"url"`
	Options model.Options `json:"options"`

Req is struct of request

type Res

type Res struct {
	Code int         `json:"code"`
	Msg  string      `json:"msg"`
	Data []model.PoC `json:"data"`

Res is struct of response

type Scans

type Scans struct {
	Code  int      `json:"code"`
	Scans []string `json:"scans"`

Scans is struct of scan


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