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func Abstraction

func Abstraction(s, payload string) []string

Abstraction is abstract for optimization

func FindIndexesInLine

func FindIndexesInLine(text, key string, lineSize, pointing int) []int

FindIndexesInLine is check included key data in line

func GenerateNewRequest

func GenerateNewRequest(url, payload string, options model.Options) *http.Request

GenerateNewRequest is make http.Cilent

func GetRawCookie

func GetRawCookie(cookies []*http.Cookie) string

GetRawCookie gets cookie from raw request

func MakeHeaderQuery

func MakeHeaderQuery(target, hn, hv string, options model.Options) (*http.Request, map[string]string)

MakeHeaderQuery is generate http query with custom header

func MakeRequestQuery

func MakeRequestQuery(target, param, payload, ptype string, pAction string, pEncode string, options model.Options) (*http.Request, map[string]string)

MakeRequestQuery is generate http query with custom parameters

func Optimization

func Optimization(payload string, badchars []string) bool

Optimization is remove payload included badchar

func SetPayloadValue

func SetPayloadValue(payloads []string, options model.Options) []string

SetPayloadValue is change alert/prompt/conrifm value and type

func UrlEncode

func UrlEncode(s string) (result string)

UrlEncode is custom url encoder for double url encoding


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