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func CodeView

func CodeView(resbody, pattern string) string

CodeView is showing reflected code function

func GetEventHandlers

func GetEventHandlers() []string

GetEventHandlers is return event handlers (array type) level: 1(none trigger) / 2(user interaction) / 3(direct trigger)

func GetGfXSS

func GetGfXSS() []string

GetGfXSS is get cool parameter name from Gf-Patterns

func GetSpecialChar

func GetSpecialChar() []string

GetSpecialChar is return chars (array type)

func GetTags

func GetTags() []string

GetTags is return tag list (array type)

func GetUsefulCode

func GetUsefulCode() []string

GetUsefulCode is return code list (array type)

func Grepping

func Grepping(data, regex string) []string

Grepping is function for checking pattern

func MakeTargetSlice

func MakeTargetSlice(targets []string) map[string][]string

MakeTargetSlice is make slice for multicast option

func OpeRedirectorAnalysis

func OpeRedirectorAnalysis(target string, options model.Options)

OpeRedirectorAnalysis is basic check for open redirectors

func ParameterAnalysis

func ParameterAnalysis(target string, options model.Options) map[string][]string

ParameterAnalysis is check reflected and mining params

func SSTIAnalysis

func SSTIAnalysis(target string, options model.Options)

SSTIAnalysis is basic check for SSTI

func Scan

func Scan(target string, options model.Options, sid string)

Scan is main scanning function

func SendReq

func SendReq(req *http.Request, payload string, options model.Options) (string, *http.Response, bool, bool, error)

SendReq is sending http request (handled GET/POST)

func SqliAnalysis

func SqliAnalysis(target string, options model.Options)

SqliAnalysis is basic check for SQL Injection

func StaticAnalysis

func StaticAnalysis(target string, options model.Options) (map[string]string, map[int]string)

StaticAnalysis is found information on original req/res


type Queries

type Queries struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Queries is struct of queries