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const ColorMDim = 5

    ColorMDim is a dimension of a ColorM.


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    type ColorM

    type ColorM struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      A ColorM represents a matrix to transform coloring when rendering an image.

      A ColorM is applied to the source alpha color while an Image's pixels' format is alpha premultiplied. Before applying a matrix, a color is un-multiplied, and after applying the matrix, the color is multiplied again.

      The nil and initial value is identity.

      func (*ColorM) Add

      func (c *ColorM) Add(other *ColorM) *ColorM

        Add is deprecated.

        func (*ColorM) Apply

        func (c *ColorM) Apply(clr color.Color) color.Color

        func (*ColorM) ChangeHSV

        func (c *ColorM) ChangeHSV(hueTheta float64, saturationScale float32, valueScale float32) *ColorM

          ChangeHSV changes HSV (Hue-Saturation-Value) elements. hueTheta is a radian value to ratate hue. saturationScale is a value to scale saturation. valueScale is a value to scale value (a.k.a. brightness).

          This conversion uses RGB to/from YCrCb conversion.

          func (*ColorM) Concat

          func (c *ColorM) Concat(other *ColorM) *ColorM

            Concat multiplies a color matrix with the other color matrix. This is same as muptiplying the matrix other and the matrix c in this order.

            func (*ColorM) Element

            func (c *ColorM) Element(i, j int) float32

              Element returns a value of a matrix at (i, j).

              func (*ColorM) Equals

              func (c *ColorM) Equals(other *ColorM) bool

              func (*ColorM) Invert

              func (c *ColorM) Invert() *ColorM

                Invert inverts the matrix. If c is not invertible, Invert panics.

                func (*ColorM) IsInvertible

                func (c *ColorM) IsInvertible() bool

                  IsInvertible returns a boolean value indicating whether the matrix c is invertible or not.

                  func (*ColorM) Scale

                  func (c *ColorM) Scale(r, g, b, a float32) *ColorM

                    Scale scales the matrix by (r, g, b, a).

                    func (*ColorM) ScaleOnly

                    func (c *ColorM) ScaleOnly() bool

                    func (*ColorM) SetElement

                    func (c *ColorM) SetElement(i, j int, element float32) *ColorM

                      SetElement sets an element at (i, j).

                      func (*ColorM) Translate

                      func (c *ColorM) Translate(r, g, b, a float32) *ColorM

                        Translate translates the matrix by (r, g, b, a).

                        func (*ColorM) UnsafeElements

                        func (c *ColorM) UnsafeElements() ([]float32, []float32)