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func BeginFrame

func BeginFrame() error

func EndFrame

func EndFrame() error


type Mipmap

type Mipmap struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Mipmap is a set of buffered.Image sorted by the order of mipmap level. The level 0 image is a regular image and higher-level images are used for mipmap.

func New

func New(width, height int) *Mipmap

func NewScreenFramebufferMipmap

func NewScreenFramebufferMipmap(width, height int) *Mipmap

func (*Mipmap) DrawTriangles

func (m *Mipmap) DrawTriangles(srcs [graphics.ShaderImageNum]*Mipmap, vertices []float32, indices []uint16, colorm *affine.ColorM, mode driver.CompositeMode, filter driver.Filter, address driver.Address, dstRegion, srcRegion driver.Region, subimageOffsets [graphics.ShaderImageNum - 1][2]float32, shader *Shader, uniforms []interface{}, canSkipMipmap bool)

func (*Mipmap) DumpScreenshot added in v2.1.4

func (m *Mipmap) DumpScreenshot(name string, blackbg bool) error

func (*Mipmap) MarkDisposed

func (m *Mipmap) MarkDisposed()

func (*Mipmap) Pixels

func (m *Mipmap) Pixels(x, y, width, height int) ([]byte, error)

func (*Mipmap) ReplacePixels

func (m *Mipmap) ReplacePixels(pix []byte, x, y, width, height int) error

func (*Mipmap) SetVolatile

func (m *Mipmap) SetVolatile(volatile bool)

type Shader

type Shader struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewShader

func NewShader(program *shaderir.Program) *Shader

func (*Shader) MarkDisposed

func (s *Shader) MarkDisposed()

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