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type Input

type Input struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Input) CursorPosition

func (i *Input) CursorPosition() (x, y int)

func (*Input) GamepadAxis

func (i *Input) GamepadAxis(id int, axis int) float64

func (*Input) GamepadAxisNum

func (i *Input) GamepadAxisNum(id int) int

func (*Input) GamepadButtonNum

func (i *Input) GamepadButtonNum(id int) int

func (*Input) GamepadIDs

func (i *Input) GamepadIDs() []int

func (*Input) GamepadName

func (i *Input) GamepadName(id int) string

    GamepadName returns a string containing some information about the controller. A PS2 controller returned "810-3-USB Gamepad" on Firefox A Xbox 360 controller returned "xinput" on Firefox and "Xbox 360 Controller (XInput STANDARD GAMEPAD)" on Chrome

    func (*Input) GamepadSDLID

    func (i *Input) GamepadSDLID(id int) string

    func (*Input) IsGamepadButtonPressed

    func (i *Input) IsGamepadButtonPressed(id int, button driver.GamepadButton) bool

    func (*Input) IsKeyPressed

    func (i *Input) IsKeyPressed(key driver.Key) bool

    func (*Input) IsMouseButtonPressed

    func (i *Input) IsMouseButtonPressed(button driver.MouseButton) bool

    func (*Input) RuneBuffer

    func (i *Input) RuneBuffer() []rune

    func (*Input) TouchIDs

    func (i *Input) TouchIDs() []int

    func (*Input) TouchPosition

    func (i *Input) TouchPosition(id int) (x, y int)

    func (*Input) Update

    func (i *Input) Update(e js.Value)

    func (*Input) UpdateGamepads

    func (i *Input) UpdateGamepads()

    func (*Input) Wheel

    func (i *Input) Wheel() (xoff, yoff float64)

    type UserInterface

    type UserInterface struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    func Get

    func Get() *UserInterface

    func (*UserInterface) CursorMode

    func (u *UserInterface) CursorMode() driver.CursorMode

    func (*UserInterface) DeviceScaleFactor

    func (u *UserInterface) DeviceScaleFactor() float64

    func (*UserInterface) Graphics

    func (*UserInterface) Graphics() driver.Graphics

    func (*UserInterface) Input

    func (u *UserInterface) Input() driver.Input

    func (*UserInterface) IsFocused

    func (u *UserInterface) IsFocused() bool

    func (*UserInterface) IsFullscreen

    func (u *UserInterface) IsFullscreen() bool

    func (*UserInterface) IsRunnableOnUnfocused

    func (u *UserInterface) IsRunnableOnUnfocused() bool

    func (*UserInterface) IsScreenTransparent

    func (u *UserInterface) IsScreenTransparent() bool

    func (*UserInterface) IsVsyncEnabled

    func (u *UserInterface) IsVsyncEnabled() bool

    func (*UserInterface) ResetForFrame

    func (u *UserInterface) ResetForFrame()

    func (*UserInterface) Run

    func (u *UserInterface) Run(context driver.UIContext) error

    func (*UserInterface) RunWithoutMainLoop

    func (u *UserInterface) RunWithoutMainLoop(context driver.UIContext)

    func (*UserInterface) ScreenSizeInFullscreen

    func (u *UserInterface) ScreenSizeInFullscreen() (int, int)

    func (*UserInterface) SetCursorMode

    func (u *UserInterface) SetCursorMode(mode driver.CursorMode)

    func (*UserInterface) SetFullscreen

    func (u *UserInterface) SetFullscreen(fullscreen bool)

    func (*UserInterface) SetInitFocused

    func (u *UserInterface) SetInitFocused(focused bool)

    func (*UserInterface) SetRunnableOnUnfocused

    func (u *UserInterface) SetRunnableOnUnfocused(runnableOnUnfocused bool)

    func (*UserInterface) SetScreenTransparent

    func (u *UserInterface) SetScreenTransparent(transparent bool)

    func (*UserInterface) SetVsyncEnabled

    func (u *UserInterface) SetVsyncEnabled(enabled bool)

    func (*UserInterface) Window

    func (u *UserInterface) Window() driver.Window