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Package token defines constants representing the lexical tokens for HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language)



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type Pos

type Pos struct {
	Filename string // filename, if any
	Offset   int    // offset, starting at 0
	Line     int    // line number, starting at 1
	Column   int    // column number, starting at 1 (character count)

Pos describes an arbitrary source position including the file, line, and column location. A Position is valid if the line number is > 0.

func (Pos) After

func (p Pos) After(u Pos) bool

After reports whether the position p is after u.

func (Pos) Before

func (p Pos) Before(u Pos) bool

Before reports whether the position p is before u.

func (*Pos) IsValid

func (p *Pos) IsValid() bool

IsValid returns true if the position is valid.

func (Pos) String

func (p Pos) String() string

String returns a string in one of several forms:

file:line:column    valid position with file name
line:column         valid position without file name
file                invalid position with file name
-                   invalid position without file name

type Token

type Token struct {
	Type Type
	Pos  Pos
	Text string
	JSON bool

Token defines a single HCL token which can be obtained via the Scanner

func (Token) String

func (t Token) String() string

String returns the token's literal text. Note that this is only applicable for certain token types, such as token.IDENT, token.STRING, etc..

func (Token) Value

func (t Token) Value() interface{}

Value returns the properly typed value for this token. The type of the returned interface{} is guaranteed based on the Type field.

This can only be called for literal types. If it is called for any other type, this will panic.

type Type

type Type int

Type is the set of lexical tokens of the HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language)

const (
	// Special tokens
	ILLEGAL Type = iota

	IDENT // literals

	NUMBER  // 12345
	FLOAT   // 123.45
	BOOL    // true,false
	STRING  // "abc"
	HEREDOC // <<FOO\nbar\nFOO

	LBRACK // [
	LBRACE // {
	COMMA  // ,
	PERIOD // .

	RBRACK // ]
	RBRACE // }

	ASSIGN // =
	ADD    // +
	SUB    // -


func (Type) IsIdentifier

func (t Type) IsIdentifier() bool

IsIdentifier returns true for tokens corresponding to identifiers and basic type literals; it returns false otherwise.

func (Type) IsLiteral

func (t Type) IsLiteral() bool

IsLiteral returns true for tokens corresponding to basic type literals; it returns false otherwise.

func (Type) IsOperator

func (t Type) IsOperator() bool

IsOperator returns true for tokens corresponding to operators and delimiters; it returns false otherwise.

func (Type) String

func (t Type) String() string

String returns the string corresponding to the token tok.

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