Package devicemanager is used to manage device plugins



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    func New

    func New(c *Config) *manager

      New returns a new device manager

      func NoopAllStats

      func NoopAllStats() []*device.DeviceGroupStats


      type AllStatsFn

      type AllStatsFn func() []*device.DeviceGroupStats

      type Config

      type Config struct {
      	// Logger is the logger used by the device manager
      	Logger log.Logger
      	// Loader is the plugin loader
      	Loader loader.PluginCatalog
      	// PluginConfig is the config passed to the launched plugins
      	PluginConfig *base.AgentConfig
      	// Updater is used to update the node when device information changes
      	Updater UpdateNodeDevicesFn
      	// StatsInterval is the interval at which to collect statistics
      	StatsInterval time.Duration
      	// State is used to manage the device managers state
      	State StateStorage

        Config is used to configure a device manager

        type Manager

        type Manager interface {
        	// Reserve is used to reserve a set of devices
        	Reserve(d *structs.AllocatedDeviceResource) (*device.ContainerReservation, error)
        	// AllStats is used to retrieve all the latest statistics for all devices.
        	AllStats() []*device.DeviceGroupStats
        	// DeviceStats returns the device statistics for the given device.
        	DeviceStats(d *structs.AllocatedDeviceResource) (*device.DeviceGroupStats, error)

          Manager is the interface used to manage device plugins

          type MockManager

          type MockManager struct {
          	ReserveF     ReserveFn
          	AllStatsF    AllStatsFn
          	DeviceStatsF DeviceStatsFn

          func NoopMockManager

          func NoopMockManager() *MockManager

          func (*MockManager) AllStats

          func (m *MockManager) AllStats() []*device.DeviceGroupStats

          func (*MockManager) DeviceStats

          func (*MockManager) PluginType

          func (m *MockManager) PluginType() string

          func (*MockManager) Reserve

          func (*MockManager) Run

          func (m *MockManager) Run()

          func (*MockManager) Shutdown

          func (m *MockManager) Shutdown()

          type StateStorage

          type StateStorage interface {
          	// GetDevicePluginState is used to retrieve the device manager's plugin
          	// state.
          	GetDevicePluginState() (*state.PluginState, error)
          	// PutDevicePluginState is used to store the device manager's plugin
          	// state.
          	PutDevicePluginState(state *state.PluginState) error

            StateStorage is used to persist the device managers state across agent restarts.

            type StorePluginReattachFn

            type StorePluginReattachFn func(*plugin.ReattachConfig) error

              StorePluginReattachFn is used to store plugin reattachment configurations.

              type UnknownDeviceError

              type UnknownDeviceError struct {
              	Err    error
              	Name   string
              	Vendor string
              	Type   string
              	IDs    []string

                UnknownDeviceError is returned when an operation is attempted on an unknown device.

                func NewUnknownDeviceError

                func NewUnknownDeviceError(err error, name, vendor, devType string, ids []string) *UnknownDeviceError

                  NewUnknownDeviceError returns a new UnknownDeviceError for the given device.

                  func UnknownDeviceErrFromAllocated

                  func UnknownDeviceErrFromAllocated(err string, d *structs.AllocatedDeviceResource) *UnknownDeviceError

                    UnknownDeviceErrFromAllocated is a helper that returns an UnknownDeviceError populating it via the AllocatedDeviceResource struct.

                    func (*UnknownDeviceError) Error

                    func (u *UnknownDeviceError) Error() string

                      Error returns an error formatting that reveals which unknown devices were requested

                      type UpdateNodeDevicesFn

                      type UpdateNodeDevicesFn func(devices []*structs.NodeDeviceResource)

                        UpdateNodeDevices is a callback for updating the set of devices on a node.


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