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type Config

type Config struct {
	// DevMode controls if we are in a development mode which
	// avoids persistent storage.
	DevMode bool

	// StateDir is where we store our state
	StateDir string

	// AllocDir is where we store data for allocations
	AllocDir string

	// LogOutput is the destination for logs
	LogOutput io.Writer

	// Region is the clients region
	Region string

	// Network interface to be used in network fingerprinting
	NetworkInterface string

	// Network speed is the default speed of network interfaces if they can not
	// be determined dynamically.
	NetworkSpeed int

	// Servers is a list of known server addresses. These are as "host:port"
	Servers []string

	// RPCHandler can be provided to avoid network traffic if the
	// server is running locally.
	RPCHandler RPCHandler

	// Node provides the base node
	Node *structs.Node

	// Options provides arbitrary key-value configuration for nomad internals,
	// like fingerprinters and drivers. The format is:
	//	namespace.option = value
	Options map[string]string

Config is used to parameterize and configure the behavior of the client

func (*Config) Read

func (c *Config) Read(id string) string

Read returns the specified configuration value or "".

func (*Config) ReadBool added in v0.2.0

func (c *Config) ReadBool(id string) (bool, error)

ReadBool parses the specified option as a boolean.

func (*Config) ReadBoolDefault added in v0.2.0

func (c *Config) ReadBoolDefault(id string, defaultValue bool) bool

ReadBoolDefault tries to parse the specified option as a boolean. If there is an error in parsing, the default option is returned.

func (*Config) ReadDefault

func (c *Config) ReadDefault(id string, defaultValue string) string

ReadDefault returns the specified configuration value, or the specified default value if none is set.

type RPCHandler

type RPCHandler interface {
	RPC(method string, args interface{}, reply interface{}) error

RPCHandler can be provided to the Client if there is a local server to avoid going over the network. If not provided, the Client will maintain a connection pool to the servers

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