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type FieldData

type FieldData struct {
	Raw    map[string]interface{}
	Schema map[string]*FieldSchema

FieldData is a structure that given a schema and a raw map[string]interface{} provides helper functions for validating and retrieving typed values from the data.

func (*FieldData) Get

func (d *FieldData) Get(k string) interface{}

Get gets the value for the given field. If the key is an invalid field, FieldData will panic. If you want a safer version of this method, use GetOk. If the field k is not set, the default value (if set) will be returned, otherwise the zero value will be returned.

func (*FieldData) GetOk

func (d *FieldData) GetOk(k string) (interface{}, bool)

GetOk gets the value for the given field. The second return value will be false if the key is invalid or the key is not set at all.

func (*FieldData) GetOkErr

func (d *FieldData) GetOkErr(k string) (interface{}, bool, error)

GetOkErr is the most conservative of all the Get methods. It returns whether key is set or not, but also an error value. The error value is non-nil if the field doesn't exist or there was an error parsing the field value.

func (*FieldData) Validate

func (d *FieldData) Validate() error

Cycle through raw data and validate conversions in the schema, so we don't get an error/panic later when trying to get data out. Data not in the schema is not an error at this point, so we don't worry about it.

type FieldSchema

type FieldSchema struct {
	Type        FieldType
	Default     interface{}
	Description string

FieldSchema is a basic schema to describe the format of a path field.

func (*FieldSchema) DefaultOrZero

func (s *FieldSchema) DefaultOrZero() interface{}

DefaultOrZero returns the default value if it is set, or otherwise the zero value of the type.

type FieldType

type FieldType uint

FieldType is the enum of types that a field can be.

const (
	TypeInvalid FieldType = 0
	TypeString  FieldType = iota

func (FieldType) String

func (t FieldType) String() string

func (FieldType) Zero

func (t FieldType) Zero() interface{}

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