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Package logging contains framework internal helpers for consistent logger and log entry handling.



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const (
	// Attribute path representation, which is typically in flatmap form such
	// as parent.0.child in this project.
	KeyAttributePath = "tf_attribute_path"

	// The type of data source being operated on, such as "archive_file"
	KeyDataSourceType = "tf_data_source_type"

	// Human readable string when calling a provider defined type that must
	// implement the Description() method, such as validators.
	KeyDescription = "description"

	// Underlying Go error string when logging an error.
	KeyError = "error"

	// The type of resource being operated on, such as "random_pet"
	KeyResourceType = "tf_resource_type"

Structured logging keys.

Practitioners or tooling reading logs may be depending on these keys, so be conscious of that when changing them.

Refer to the terraform-plugin-go logging keys as well, which should be equivalent to these when possible.

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const (
	// EnvTfLogSdkFramework is an environment variable that sets the logging
	// level of SDK framework loggers. Infers root SDK logging level, if
	// unset.
	EnvTfLogSdkFramework = "TF_LOG_SDK_FRAMEWORK"

Environment variables.

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const (
	// SubsystemFramework is the tfsdklog subsystem name for framework.
	SubsystemFramework = "framework"


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func FrameworkDebug

func FrameworkDebug(ctx context.Context, msg string, additionalFields ...map[string]interface{})

FrameworkDebug emits a framework subsystem log at DEBUG level.

func FrameworkError

func FrameworkError(ctx context.Context, msg string, additionalFields ...map[string]interface{})

FrameworkError emits a framework subsystem log at ERROR level.

func FrameworkTrace

func FrameworkTrace(ctx context.Context, msg string, additionalFields ...map[string]interface{})

FrameworkTrace emits a framework subsystem log at TRACE level.

func FrameworkWarn

func FrameworkWarn(ctx context.Context, msg string, additionalFields ...map[string]interface{})

FrameworkWarn emits a framework subsystem log at WARN level.

func FrameworkWithAttributePath

func FrameworkWithAttributePath(ctx context.Context, attributePath string) context.Context

FrameworkWithAttributePath returns a new Context with KeyAttributePath set. The attribute path is expected to be string, so the logging package does not need to import path handling code.

func InitContext

func InitContext(ctx context.Context) context.Context

InitContext creates SDK logger contexts. The incoming context will already have the root SDK logger and root provider logger setup from terraform-plugin-go tf6server RPC handlers.


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