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func BindingsHCL

func BindingsHCL(bindings map[string]StringSet) (string, error)

func GetTestCredentials

func GetTestCredentials(tb testing.TB) (string, *gcputil.GcpCredentials)

func GetTestProject

func GetTestProject(tb testing.TB) string

func ParseBindings

func ParseBindings(bindingsStr string) (map[string]StringSet, error)

type StringSet

type StringSet map[string]struct{}

A set of strings

func ToSet

func ToSet(values []string) StringSet

func (StringSet) Add

func (ss StringSet) Add(v string)

func (StringSet) Equals

func (ss StringSet) Equals(other StringSet) bool

func (StringSet) Includes

func (ss StringSet) Includes(v string) bool

func (StringSet) Intersection

func (ss StringSet) Intersection(other StringSet) StringSet

func (StringSet) Sub

func (ss StringSet) Sub(other StringSet) StringSet

func (StringSet) ToSlice

func (ss StringSet) ToSlice() []string

func (StringSet) Union

func (ss StringSet) Union(other StringSet) StringSet

func (StringSet) Update

func (ss StringSet) Update(members ...string)

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