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package transit

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var ErrInvalidKeyName = errors.New("key names cannot be paths")

func Backend

func Backend(ctx context.Context, conf *logical.BackendConfig) (*backend, error)

func Factory

func Factory(ctx context.Context, conf *logical.BackendConfig) (logical.Backend, error)

func GetCacheSizeFromStorage

func GetCacheSizeFromStorage(ctx context.Context, s logical.Storage) (int, error)

type BatchRequestItem

type BatchRequestItem struct {
	// Context for key derivation. This is required for derived keys.
	Context string `json:"context" structs:"context" mapstructure:"context"`

	// DecodedContext is the base64 decoded version of Context
	DecodedContext []byte

	// Plaintext for encryption
	Plaintext string `json:"plaintext" structs:"plaintext" mapstructure:"plaintext"`

	// Ciphertext for decryption
	Ciphertext string `json:"ciphertext" structs:"ciphertext" mapstructure:"ciphertext"`

	// Nonce to be used when v1 convergent encryption is used
	Nonce string `json:"nonce" structs:"nonce" mapstructure:"nonce"`

	// The key version to be used for encryption
	KeyVersion int `json:"key_version" structs:"key_version" mapstructure:"key_version"`

	// DecodedNonce is the base64 decoded version of Nonce
	DecodedNonce []byte

BatchRequestItem represents a request item for batch processing

type BatchResponseItem

type BatchResponseItem struct {
	// Ciphertext for the plaintext present in the corresponding batch
	// request item
	Ciphertext string `json:"ciphertext,omitempty" structs:"ciphertext" mapstructure:"ciphertext"`

	// Plaintext for the ciphertext present in the corresponding batch
	// request item
	Plaintext string `json:"plaintext,omitempty" structs:"plaintext" mapstructure:"plaintext"`

	// Error, if set represents a failure encountered while encrypting a
	// corresponding batch request item
	Error string `json:"error,omitempty" structs:"error" mapstructure:"error"`

BatchResponseItem represents a response item for batch processing

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