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package tlsutil

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var ErrInvalidCertParams = errors.New("invalid certificate parameters")
var TLSLookup = map[string]uint16{
	"tls10": tls.VersionTLS10,
	"tls11": tls.VersionTLS11,
	"tls12": tls.VersionTLS12,

TLSLookup maps the tls_min_version configuration to the internal value

func ClientTLSConfig

func ClientTLSConfig(caCert []byte, clientCert []byte, clientKey []byte) (*tls.Config, error)

func GetCipherName

func GetCipherName(cipher uint16) (string, error)

GetCipherName returns the name of a given cipher suite code or an error if the given cipher is unsupported.

func ParseCiphers

func ParseCiphers(cipherStr string) ([]uint16, error)

ParseCiphers parse ciphersuites from the comma-separated string into recognized slice

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