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type AutoAuth

type AutoAuth struct {
	Method *Method `hcl:"-"`
	Sinks  []*Sink `hcl:"sinks"`

	// NOTE: This is unsupported outside of testing and may disappear at any
	// time.
	EnableReauthOnNewCredentials bool `hcl:"enable_reauth_on_new_credentials"`

    AutoAuth is the configured authentication method and sinks

    type Cache

    type Cache struct {
    	UseAutoAuthTokenRaw interface{} `hcl:"use_auto_auth_token"`
    	UseAutoAuthToken    bool        `hcl:"-"`
    	ForceAutoAuthToken  bool        `hcl:"-"`

      Cache contains any configuration needed for Cache mode

      type Config

      type Config struct {
      	*configutil.SharedConfig `hcl:"-"`
      	AutoAuth      *AutoAuth                  `hcl:"auto_auth"`
      	ExitAfterAuth bool                       `hcl:"exit_after_auth"`
      	Cache         *Cache                     `hcl:"cache"`
      	Vault         *Vault                     `hcl:"vault"`
      	Templates     []*ctconfig.TemplateConfig `hcl:"templates"`

        Config is the configuration for the vault server.

        func LoadConfig

        func LoadConfig(path string) (*Config, error)

          LoadConfig loads the configuration at the given path, regardless if its a file or directory.

          func NewConfig

          func NewConfig() *Config

          type Method

          type Method struct {
          	Type       string
          	MountPath  string        `hcl:"mount_path"`
          	WrapTTLRaw interface{}   `hcl:"wrap_ttl"`
          	WrapTTL    time.Duration `hcl:"-"`
          	Namespace  string        `hcl:"namespace"`
          	Config     map[string]interface{}

            Method represents the configuration for the authentication backend

            type Sink

            type Sink struct {
            	Type       string
            	WrapTTLRaw interface{}   `hcl:"wrap_ttl"`
            	WrapTTL    time.Duration `hcl:"-"`
            	DHType     string        `hcl:"dh_type"`
            	DeriveKey  bool          `hcl:"derive_key"`
            	DHPath     string        `hcl:"dh_path"`
            	AAD        string        `hcl:"aad"`
            	AADEnvVar  string        `hcl:"aad_env_var"`
            	Config     map[string]interface{}

              Sink defines a location to write the authenticated token

              type Vault

              type Vault struct {
              	Address          string      `hcl:"address"`
              	CACert           string      `hcl:"ca_cert"`
              	CAPath           string      `hcl:"ca_path"`
              	TLSSkipVerify    bool        `hcl:"-"`
              	TLSSkipVerifyRaw interface{} `hcl:"tls_skip_verify"`
              	ClientCert       string      `hcl:"client_cert"`
              	ClientKey        string      `hcl:"client_key"`
              	TLSServerName    string      `hcl:"tls_server_name"`

                Vault contains configuration for connecting to Vault servers

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