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func AttemptUnsealCore

func AttemptUnsealCore(c *vault.TestCluster, core *vault.TestClusterCore) error

func AttemptUnsealCores

func AttemptUnsealCores(c *vault.TestCluster) error

func AwaitLeader

func AwaitLeader(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster) (int, error)

    AwaitLeader waits for one of the cluster's nodes to become leader.

    func DeriveActiveCore

    func DeriveActiveCore(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster) *vault.TestClusterCore

    func DeriveStableActiveCore

    func DeriveStableActiveCore(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster) *vault.TestClusterCore

    func DeriveStandbyCores

    func DeriveStandbyCores(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster) []*vault.TestClusterCore

    func EnsureCoreSealed

    func EnsureCoreSealed(t testing.T, core *vault.TestClusterCore)

    func EnsureCoreUnsealed

    func EnsureCoreUnsealed(t testing.T, c *vault.TestCluster, core *vault.TestClusterCore)

    func EnsureCoresSealed

    func EnsureCoresSealed(t testing.T, c *vault.TestCluster)

    func EnsureCoresUnsealed

    func EnsureCoresUnsealed(t testing.T, c *vault.TestCluster)

    func EnsureStableActiveNode

    func EnsureStableActiveNode(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster)

    func GenerateDebugLogs

    func GenerateDebugLogs(t testing.T, client *api.Client) chan struct{}

    func GenerateRoot

    func GenerateRoot(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster, kind GenerateRootKind) string

      Generates a root token on the target cluster.

      func GenerateRootWithError

      func GenerateRootWithError(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster, kind GenerateRootKind) (string, error)

      func NewHardcodedServerAddressProvider

      func NewHardcodedServerAddressProvider(numCores, baseClusterPort int) raftlib.ServerAddressProvider

        NewHardcodedServerAddressProvider is a convenience function that makes a ServerAddressProvider from a given cluster address base port.

        func RaftAppliedIndex

        func RaftAppliedIndex(core *vault.TestClusterCore) uint64

        func RaftClusterJoinNodes

        func RaftClusterJoinNodes(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster)

        func RandomWithPrefix

        func RandomWithPrefix(name string) string

          RandomWithPrefix is used to generate a unique name with a prefix, for randomizing names in acceptance tests

          func RekeyCluster

          func RekeyCluster(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster, recovery bool) [][]byte

          func VerifyRaftConfiguration

          func VerifyRaftConfiguration(core *vault.TestClusterCore, numCores int) error

            VerifyRaftConfiguration checks that we have a valid raft configuration, i.e. the correct number of servers, having the correct NodeIDs, and exactly one leader.

            func VerifyRaftPeers

            func VerifyRaftPeers(t testing.T, client *api.Client, expected map[string]bool)

            func WaitForActiveNode

            func WaitForActiveNode(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster) *vault.TestClusterCore

            func WaitForActiveNodeAndStandbys

            func WaitForActiveNodeAndStandbys(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster)

              WaitForActiveNodeAndStandbys does nothing more than wait for the active node on OSS. On enterprise it waits for perf standbys to be healthy too.

              func WaitForNCoresSealed

              func WaitForNCoresSealed(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster, n int)

              func WaitForNCoresUnsealed

              func WaitForNCoresUnsealed(t testing.T, cluster *vault.TestCluster, n int)

              func WaitForRaftApply

              func WaitForRaftApply(t testing.T, core *vault.TestClusterCore, index uint64)

              func WaitForStandbyNode

              func WaitForStandbyNode(t testing.T, core *vault.TestClusterCore)


              type GenerateRootKind

              type GenerateRootKind int
              const (
              	GenerateRootRegular GenerateRootKind = iota

              type HardcodedServerAddressProvider

              type HardcodedServerAddressProvider struct {
              	Entries map[raftlib.ServerID]raftlib.ServerAddress

                HardcodedServerAddressProvider is a ServerAddressProvider that uses a hardcoded map of raft node addresses.

                It is useful in cases where the raft configuration is known ahead of time, but some of the cores have not yet had startClusterListener() called (via either unsealing or raft joining), and thus do not yet have a ClusterAddr() assigned.

                func (*HardcodedServerAddressProvider) ServerAddr

                type TestRaftServerAddressProvider

                type TestRaftServerAddressProvider struct {
                	Cluster *vault.TestCluster

                  TestRaftServerAddressProvider is a ServerAddressProvider that uses the ClusterAddr() of each node to provide raft addresses.

                  Note that TestRaftServerAddressProvider should only be used in cases where cores that are part of a raft configuration have already had startClusterListener() called (via either unsealing or raft joining).

                  func (*TestRaftServerAddressProvider) ServerAddr