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func EndOfMonth

func EndOfMonth(t time.Time) time.Time

func GetMostRecentContiguousMonths

func GetMostRecentContiguousMonths(startTimes []time.Time) []time.Time

    GetMostRecentContinuousMonths finds the start time of the most recent set of continguous months.

    For example, if the most recent start time is Aug 15, then that range is just 1 month If the recent start times are Aug 1 and July 1 and June 15, then that range is three months and we return June 15.

    note: return slice will be nil if :startTimes: is nil :startTimes: must be sorted in decreasing order (see unit test for examples)

    func InRange

    func InRange(t, start, end time.Time) bool

    func IsCurrentMonth

    func IsCurrentMonth(t, compare time.Time) bool

      IsCurrentMonth checks if :t: is in the current month, as defined by :compare: generally, pass in time.Now().UTC() as :compare:

      func IsMonthStart

      func IsMonthStart(t time.Time) bool

        IsMonthStart checks if :t: is the start of the month

        func IsPreviousMonth

        func IsPreviousMonth(t, toCompare time.Time) bool

          IsPreviousMonth checks if :t: is in the month directly before :toCompare:

          func MonthsPreviousTo

          func MonthsPreviousTo(months int, now time.Time) time.Time

            Compute the N-month period before the given date. For example, if it is currently April 2020, then 12 months is April 2019 through March 2020.

            func ParseTimeFromPath

            func ParseTimeFromPath(path string) (time.Time, error)

              ParseTimeFromPath returns a UTC time from a path of the form '<timestamp>/', where <timestamp> is a Unix timestamp

              func StartOfMonth

              func StartOfMonth(t time.Time) time.Time

              func StartOfNextMonth

              func StartOfNextMonth(t time.Time) time.Time

              func StartOfPreviousMonth

              func StartOfPreviousMonth(t time.Time) time.Time


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